Friday, November 11, 2011

photo from kamy villanueva

Nakakatawa lang na kahapon (ng hapon!) palang, ang dami ng 11/11/11 hypes in my Twitter timeline (such an exciting place to be in, noh? Haha). Though the usual "basag trip"-ers were also there... Yun tipong "It's just an ordinary daaay" or "Wag kayo mag wish lang, dapat may aksyon" bla bla bla. And although tama nga naman ang mga ateng natin na "padifferent", ako (personally lang naman) I really love it pag may mga ganitong craze. It might just be another Friday (but hey, don't we LOVE and thank God whenever it's a Friday? :D)... Another "normal" day na binigyan ng eksenadorang title na "luckiest day"... But gustong gusto ko pag may ganitong symbolic chorva na maraming nagiging happy and excited. Parang Pasko lang. At least through my timeline now na flooded ng wishes and happy thoughts, an ordinary day just turned into a day that's just filled with hope...Well, filled to the brim more than the usual. And isn't that The Secret to a better world? :)

Good vibes lang tayo! 
Have a beautiful 11.11.11 guys. :)


  1. Hope you had a wonderful day! :) Thank you for inviting me to Sugarleaf :)



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