Born to be a Hero Bloggers Night!

Friday, November 11, 2011

Gustong gusto ko talagang makaattend ng mga gantong events na you'll learn something from, kaya when I got an invitation from the OneCORE Team and the Francis Magalona Foundation on Born to be a Hero Bloggers Night, I said yes kaagad!

So I went to Co.Lab last Tuesday night, and met Yshy and her boyfriend Ian by the registration booth... The only people who said yes to my invitation kahit last minute (yey! thank you!). I walked from Greenbelt to the venue (Optima Bldg, Salcedo St.)...And nagkaligawligaw till I resorted to tweeting, and even got directions-help sa aking mga ka-twitter! Cool lang! ;p

Here's a pic of my new blogger friends's Chris, and lovely couple Ian and Yshy!

Kape kape muna bago magstart ang program, hehe:

Ms. Margaux of Co.Lab talked about their interesting venue. (Love her skirt, btw!)

"Co.lab serves as a hub to a collaborative community that share the same values of entrepreneurship, creativity, and integrity. This shared workspace is ideal for freelance professionals, home office workers, startup businesses, entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, and graduate."

And dahil early birds kami nila Yshy and Ian, we got a Co.Lab gift card! :) Yehey!

Ms. Patty Balquiedra, who invited us! :) Thank you!

Ms. Pia Magalona

Ms. Pia talked about the vision and how the Francis Magalona Foundation started. I liked what she said about using music as their tool to reach even the younger generation in spreading nationalism and Pinoy Pride. Also, namention nya how they utilized blogging even way back na...naalala ko tuloy na reader ako ng blog ni Sir Kiko before!

Super starstruck-mode ako when Maxene Magalona entered our small function room! Ganda lang! I love what she said about wanting her celebrity / popular status BUT using this to influence people positively.

With that, I fell in love more with the "Mags"! They're super influential and famous family, pero I love their advocacy. I look up to them more now! Syempre winish ko andun din si Idol Saab, hehehe :)

Now on to the event proper with Coach Pia Nazareno-Avecedo! :)

They handed to us our own BORN TO BE A HERO copies! Yehey!

Coach Pia talked about different highlights of the book, and we participated in some of the activities. 

Can you identify your "raw feelings/rawness"... Are you comfortable with expressing your emotions and feelings even when people around you will get uncomfortable? 

We are born to make a difference in this world!

I like that there is interaction during the whole talk! :)

There are a lot of valuable lessons from that night, especially for me na nagka-loko loko ang buhay early part of the year. Nung kinwento ko to sa friend kong si Geo kagabi...She said, "Pang kina-quarter life talaga ang target nyan!" Haha. One lesson that struck me is "to have the willingness to get down to the basics." There was a time that Coach Pia earned big sums of money that she will even have her hair shampooed sa salon. Pero minsan you have to have that sense of basic--so you will not lose control. Or else you become too high-maintenance, and this depletes the inner-self.

 Lakas lang maka-relate for me kasi minsan, to be honest, because of all the good things that I gain from blogging, minsan the feeling na wow may readers ako or wow may freebies uli or exposure uli ako get to me na nalilimutan ko na kung sino talaga ako. Kaya pinanghahawakan kong "sense of basic" is being a commuter--when I am riding a tric or pag nagpapara ako ng jeep---these simple things keep me grounded and will always remind me na hamak na simpleng tao lang talaga ako at walang karapatang maging mayabang! :)

Thank you Coach Pia!

Thank you also, Yshy, for being such a great company!
Yshy told me she came from work lang, na asa Makati area lang din naman kaya siya nag yes kaagad sakin. :) Good thing din kasi at least although I've met Yshy na sa isang event, I've never really talked with her pa until nitong event. Finally got to know her more! Yey for new friend! :)

Class picture!

Live a positive life, with a purpose! For me, I'd love to continue with blogging as a means of influencing people positively..My goal is to inspire and motivate. I have to make these visions more concrete, but for now at least I know (or at least I am reminded of) WHY I am here in this blogging thing. :)

Join the BORN TO BE A HERO seminar on November 26, and be inspired too!
Get a book din!
Click HERE for more info! :)

"You and I, we are meant to be great."
-My personal mantra


  1. Thank you a Bea! :) Inspiration ko kayo! :) NAKS! :) <3 Love love to you tooo! :)

  2. Such a meaningful and inspiring event! :)


  3. Hi, Ana. I love what you wrote. Straight from the heart. Happy that you took home some valuable lessons from the session. I hope to see you again soon! - Patty

  4. hey Ana. Nice to meet you at the event! Hope to see you again soon.

  5. Pia Acevedo's the daughter-in-law of my patient :) I should as her for that book! Hahaha!

    Thanks for filling us in about the event :)

  6. Hi Ana! Thanks for coming! I'm glad the session was helpful for you! :D See you around!


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