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Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Ako pa ang taga Alabang, ako pa ang late for this first south event I was ever invited in. Haha! Sobrang excited ko pa naman at tric-jeep-jeep lang ako going to ATC, but when I got in the Diva store--Upper Ground Floor Expansion Bldg, jampacked na ang venue with fashion bloggers and their Diva Sisters! Ang colorful ng lugar from all the accessories and the fashionistas!

Photo from Ava:

Can you see me and my little corner with Kookie and Sarah and baby Sarah? :) Hehe!

We started with a "Getting to know you" dahil nahihilig kami sa classroom vibes, hehe:
 Cute ni Vern! :) Love her, she even approached my little corner nun pagdating ko, at nashashy naman ako dumirecho sa harap. Pero si pretty girl pa nag approach sakin for some chika and pinainom pako ng Starbucks nya--love her na talaga!

More fashion bloggers I adore: Cheyser aka The Walking Recessionista and Tin Iglesias of Fashion will save the World!

Habang nag iintroducean ang iba, naki-usi muna ako sa mga katabi kong sila trinkets at si necklace. Cucute nila!

Nagsukat nadin kami ni Sarah, hehehe:

My choice:


I was seated "beside" or rather, in front of one of my little sister for this event: Bea aka MyMariia!

My other Diva Sisters Bei and Frances introduced themselves also, kada tapos nila may "YEY!" from me, hahaha: 

 Ms. Jade of DIVA for her welcoming remarks:

They handed us refreshments and cookies before the talks:

Cute lang:

Enjoy si Nikola, Sarah's CUTIE ingglisera daughter:

Me, trying to start a convo with Nikola: Ahhh...So you want anything? 

I love being surrounded by DIVA's pretty things...OC-ly organized by themes! 

 PILI NAAA! Hehehe.

Before talk, Melai, the host for the event, also conducted (conducted? hahaha) a Bring-Me game, na walang kamatayan! Pink everything ang dinemand ng lola pink shoes! :)
 Bea's. Ang cute lang! :)

Talk proper:

Kookie on Blogging:

Melai on money in blogging:

And the cute Tracy and Tin tandem for the styling talk!

Learned a lot from my friends, I'm sure the readers had fun also!

Now on to main contest! Style your big sister with Diva accessories!!!


I think what makes me reallyreally enjoy events is when brands support bloggers by allowing them to bring a reader (or readers!) with them to the event. Through this program, at least nakikilala ko pa ang mga online friendships and kachika ko! :) 
FrancesBei, and Bea! 

Another Ava photo, presenting all the styled bloggers c/o our lovely readers! :)

My look! :) Photo c/o little sis Bei :)

Vern's picture of our winning moment! Yehey! Congrats, sistahs! ;)

The generous DIVA team also gave us GCs which we used that day...Happy kids and their new accessories! :
 Keigh and Pauline

Kagulo gurls sa counter! Hehe!

Benta si Sarah! Hahahaha!

Mineee! <3

The DIVA team with Melai! :)


Headed to CYMA for their dinner treat and more talkies time...

 Ansaraaap ng salad and potatoes, di na ako nakapicture! Haha! :P

 I enjoyed talking and meeting fresh faces through this event...

With my bebs Tracy Ayson and Ava Te

The Trio Angel Rodriguez, Keigh Jalbuena, and Ava Te...With Baby S :))

Pretty Francesca and Tin:

Outfit pictures here and there:

Another kaguley pic from Ava:

Everyone left na for the shuttle going back to Manila sooo...

 Capped the night with milktea and more talks with fellow south girl Keigh in Serenitea...

Dahil two nalang kami, the old school way of taking pic..kita ang braso! Hehehe:
Love ya Keigh girl! :)

I really hope to have more fun events like this. 
Proudly, this event is co-organized by Bloggers United! :))
Thank you DIVA for making us happy girls! :)

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  1. Yayyyy! Thanks Ate Ana! :)) I had so much fun :D I agree, ang sarap nung salad!

    Ang cute nina Ms. Angel dun sa first photo. Haha

  2. Cute noh! :) Thank you Frances for the funtime with you :)) Bitin ang chikahan so see you sooon :)

  3. So funny ng post mo te! Natutuwa talaga ako sayo even if we're just talking online! Hihih xoxoxo

  4. Hahahaha :D Thank you Yshy! :)) <3

  5. Awww wish I had stayed, but Syrena was being super gulo na and her daddy didn't pick her up. Badtrip! Haha. It was a fun event, tho, and I love your post! Naririnig kita in my head talking! Haha. :)

  6. Angel: Hahaha thank youuu benta :D ano kayang tunog yun, baka kairitang voice ;D Hahaha chos lang! :) See you sooon :)))

  7. Looks super fun nga! Ang layo naman kasi tapos natapat pa sa rest day ko :(

    Gusto ko yun mga nasa New York Fall section!! ♥

    And Bea's so pretty :)

  8. One comment lang: ANG ANAGON NUNG THIRD PHOTO! :))

  9. This was such a super duper fun and fabulous event, I can just imagine from the pics Ana! Love DIVA collections, especially the cute floral headpiece at the beginning of the pictures, cute! I'm so glad to have finally met you last time at the Accessorize event, hope we can bump into each other again soon! Star struck ako sayo :) - Mar
    -Not Your Ordinary Beauty Queen-
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    Eight Weeks Of Christmas – Win an inspired arty ring!

  10. hello, kavisit ko lang today sa Diva, ngayon ko lang din po nalaman to pero taga alabang lang din ako haha! super naka relate po ako nung sinabi nyo na late nyo nalaman? haha XD

    naenjoy ko yung mga products (napagastos ng di oras) at mas affordable and welcoming ang vibe kesa sa accessorize, though sister brands sila.

  11. i saw myself! hahaha! *kilig* You were so nice talaga! :) And yes! ang sarap nung salad! I had two rounds @-). hope to see you again next time! :D

  12. Meron palang Diva satin? Dito ko sya nakita sa SG at mga pinoy ang mga sales assoc. Ang cute at relatively cheaper sya. YAY for DIVA!

  13. Always a great day and event with you, beb! thanks sa pag help sa pag pili ng accessories haha kagulo ako dun :))

  14. Ana, ang cute cute mo dun sa styling game! :) Haha. Kung ba naman i-stlye ka with that super big smile, sino ba naman di mananalo diba. ;) congrats to you little diva sisters! Sana nga more events that collaborate with bloggers. :)

    Join my first blog giveaway! :)

    x Limechartreuse

  15. Ana! It was nice talking to u. Kala ko date super taray ka.di pla! Tga south ka lng pa parehas tyo. I hope i see you in the future.:)

  16. Krissy: Hehe ang cute noh, little sister ko yang si Bea! :))

    Claire: HAHAHAH :D

    Mar: Thank youuu! Yes hope to see you again in other events, and more chika! :))

    Liezyl: Hahahha good diva lang ha ;) hehehe :))

    Yapo: Bago lang sya! :) Kadadating lang sa Pinas and first store sa ATC :) Cutie noh? :)

    Tin: HAY! Kahit ngayon iniisip ko si salad :P Salap!

  17. Den: Ay yes may nakausap akong girl dun na from DIVA SG yun stuff nya, cool! Mas pricey though here! But cute e!

    Ava: HAHAHA nakakatawa talaga pag na on the spot tayo, kaguley!

    Thea: Thank youuu! :)) Really hope so too!

  18. Mestizay: Cool to meet you too! :) Sana more events pa soon with you para more chikahan :))

  19. LOVE your blog post Ms. Ana!!! Bongga!!

    czarina :)

  20. This looks so fun! So many bloggers! Nakakainggit :P


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