Happy List 11.13.2011

Sunday, November 13, 2011

1) Hershey's Reeses Icecream!!!
One time last week, I stayed home to work on online duties. When our bunsoy Cea came home, may pasalubong pa syang ice cream sakin! :P Fun na ako na ang pinasasalubungan! :D

2) Long commutes with Pax! :)
After the Sugarleaf Makati Launch, I went to Cubao to meet Pax so we can go together to a Bloggers United sponsor meeting in faraway Sta. Mesa. Super A for effort talaga! The heavy traffic would have tested our patience, pero naenjoy ko pa actually ang time namin na chikahan sa cab! :) Always fun times with Pax. Nakakatawa...After the meeting, we even had to ride a pedicab! ;P

3) Ending 11.11.11 with my UST friend and classic Thomasian Fireworks!

Have to let go of several events when I heard of ABSCBN Ako Ang Simula's Sea Games send-off concert for the Pinoy athletes. Alam na sino ang pakay ko! Hahaha. Tweeted about the event, and my dearest friend from college Lyks replied! Matagal na kami di nagkikita (she's taking up law, sobrang toxic!) kaya naexcite ako lalo!

We met in the good ol' Shakeys Espana dahil super gutom ko na, and then we were caught up sa chikahang bongga after months na walang pagkikita, napansin ko nalang na ANG LAKAS NA NG ULAN SA LABAS! I checked Twitter kaagad, and read tweets of Thomasians on the concert sa ulan! Reminded me of my own "concert sa ulan" experience with Lyks and our friends back in 2006 when UST Tigers won the championships. :) Di na namin kaya ngayon, tanda na. Hahaha. But those were the days! :)

After really nice conversations and catch ups, we asked for our bill nang biglang nagstart na ang fireworks! I love that night, told Lyks "tara wish tayo!" when the clock struck 11pm. It was evanescent, but it was a moment. :)

4) Style Swap!

Spent Saturday afternoon with Sarah, Pax, and Mich in Union Bank Plaza, Ortigas for the Style Swap!

Bloggers were given our own stalls...Sarah's:

Pax's Area:

My humble pile, hehe:

The three tables for the "swapping":

Ang cute ng concept:

Pax looking through the "yellow button pile":
Busyng busy si Ateng looking for good deals for her "buttons"! :D Heehee!

Same with the other girls! :)) Kaguley!
Really enjoyed this event. It would have been great if whole day sya, and more bloggers participated. I'm sure mageenjoy ang lahat! Kung makaabang kami nila Pax and Sarah ng new piles of clothes for swapping, parang vultures! Hihihi. The cool thing is bringing home "new" clothes without spending...And just used my own clothes as my "money"! :)

5) Going home for my Ate's birthday party with her highschool friends! :)
 Good friends, and good food!

Me: Kanino yan?
Mom: Kay Ate, may pa-game daw siya mamaya.
Me: AAAAHHHH....Gaaaaame..... (hehehe, alam na anong game! baka akala ni mom mag pi-pingpong lang sila ate hehehehe)

Ms. Sai invited me to the Coca-Cola giant tree lighting event in Cubao, but had to let that go to stay with my family. Capped the day with sobrang kabusog chibog and updated my parentals with my life happenings. :) Chill na chill lang. What a nice week. Sobrang sress and kapagod, pero enjoy! :)

To more happy days ahead! May Christmas tree na kami, Pasko naaaa! :)))


  1. Every thing, may it be little or big, that makes us happy is truly the best gift in the world <3

  2. Hahaha. "Parang vultures" - I can imagine!!! Wish I could have gone, but I watched Sound of Music again. Box seats! It's so different now! You have to watch again!!!

  3. I love ice cream. a good picker upper pag sad :) love the last photo with your dad!!:)

  4. Pati ako affected much sa pagiging happy mo, Ana!! :"> Napaka-contagious ng happiness. Priceless... tulad ng style swap! :p


  5. when reading your blog, I imagine you really talking to me and make kwento personally. hehe.. :) love family bondings! :D

  6. what a great day! ang saya saya! :-)


  7. Waaaa! I didn't know about the Style Swap event. I'm sure it was fun. Wish I could've gone there :(

    :) Erika

  8. Not related sa post, but I just had to react Ate Ana! You're featured sa! :)

  9. Aww, sana magkaroon talaga ulit ng Style Swap! Bet ko talaga! :)

    ♥♥ Megann of STYLE SURGERY

  10. I so love your blog :) I enjoy reading each post. More happy lists Ms. Ana :)

  11. Guys thankyou sooo much! :) Much love to all of you! :)


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