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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Headed to the TOMS event in 2nd's High Street awhile ago with Melai after yet another Bloggers United meeting...

DIY black shiny cover-up 
Oxygen white tank with black splats
Herbench SBJ
Rubi black leopard bag
Diva necklace

Wore my shining shimmering gold Toms for the event!

My DIY cover-up. Top sya talaga na ginupit ko sa gitna kasi fitted hehehe, at least mas usable siya as cover-up! :) Sparkling pa! (Hehe, arte)

Sa registration table palang, saw the cute TOMS on display! Love ni Melai yun may skulls! :) Would love to own a yellow pair! :D

My dear friend Jules Veloso of Geisler welcomed us to the event at the registration area! :) 
Batch by batch, we were led inside a function room for a presentation of the TOMS brand and their new collection..

I love the heartfelt videos. Nahiya pako na nateatearyeyed ako especially when they washed the kids' feet and slipped on a pair of nice comfortable shoes. The smiles on the children's faces = Priceless.
Later on learned that Sarah and Tracy were also touched by the beautiful videos. :) Wish ko talaga na maging ganyan din small business ko in the future. Really inspiring.

Which is why I love TOMS:

About  TOMS  Shoes:      

In  2006,  American  traveler    Blake  Mycoskie  befriended  children  in  a  village  in  Argentina    and  found  they    had  no  shoes  to  protect  their  feet.  Wanting  to  help,  he  created  TOMS  Shoes,  a  company    that    would    match  every    pair    of    shoes  purchased  with  a  pair  of  new    shoes  given  to  a  child  in  need.  One  for  One.  To    date,  TOMS  has  given  over  one    million  pairs    of  new  shoes    to  children  through  giving    partners    around  the    world.

TOMS currently gives to 24 countries: US, El Salvador, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Haiti, Honduras, Peru, Argentina, Mali, Niger, Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi, Zambia, Swaziland, Lesotho, Ethiopia, South Africa, Malawi, Armenia, Mongolia, China, Cambodia, and Philippines! :)

They already distributed TOMS shoes in Bacolod and Smokey Mountain:
I hope I can help in the distribution in the future. :) That would be a great experience! 

Also learned about the TOMS Give Fair this December 4 in Trinoma!

Enjoy a day of craft,games, treats, music, and the latest Holiday Styles at the very first TOMS Pop-up Store! Finally! Soooo exciting! 

 There is no guilt-feeling when you buy a pair of TOMS. I really really love the concept!

''Promise. Not to say they wouldn't like them, but the shoes hand-placed on children's feet are specially designed for their terrain and environment.'' 

''Our founder's name is Blake. TOMS is actually an abbreviation for "Shoes for a Better Tomorrow", but we couldn't get that on the back of a shoe, so we shortened it to TOMS.''

Currently, 2 million pairs of shoes were already distributed around the world. 

After the program, we checked out the different TOMS Holiday 2011 Collection on display....

Now more than shoes...

Still One for One...

TOMS releases their sunglasses line...

In Jackie O:


...And wayfarers!

I love the side stripes deets <3 Classic TOMS trademark nga naman!

 I love the Jackie Os! :D

TOMS Holiday 2011 Collection  focuses  wholeheartedlon the  significance of thhuman  connection that resultfrom thact ogiving. Givinnaturally creates an  indescribable  feeling thaconnects the givewith the receiver. This  feelinis magnified when combined with the joy of the holiday season.

Black Sequins Gold Wedge Toms--nasa number 1 ng list ko! Gusto ko to pang event! :D 

Eto naman pang everyday!

Also available: styles for Men and Kids!

Cute! I wonder if for sale din to hehe... Planner!

TOMS new BALLET FLATS! Gusto ko tong two-tones!

TOMS Ballet Flats with aztec print! So trendy! Ganda din...

TOMS Ballet Flats with leopard print:

May mga kilala akong hindi makapag TOMS dahil di nila style...With the new TOMS Ballet Flats... I'm sure more people will get their pairs! :)

Heaven! Sabi ko when I first wore my Toms: ''Para akong nakatapak sa clouds!'' Haha, seryoso!

Floral, my weakness...

We buy shoes kahit lagpas libo pa ang presyo... I love that when I buy TOMS, may happy feeling. If I can, I'd love to give TOMS to my family this Christmas! Onting ipon lang! Hehehe... Worth it naman. :)

Kainan and bonding with my blogger friends! :)

With Tracy, Sarah, Angel, Melai, and Keigh!

My twin is home! Laki ng ganda mo Reg, di na kita kamuka! Haha!
 Me to Reg: ''Mamaya may British accent ka na ha!'' Hahaha!

Habang sila ay naka alcoholic drink, hulaan kung anong pinili kong inumin... (hehehe)

Red velvet TOMS cupcakes by Sonja! 
Love this girl! Hi Tracy! :D Mawawala din braso ko! Hehehe! 

Mommy Jen and Bec were also there! More kwentuhans next time a?

Tracy Ayson, me!, Sarah Tirona, Reg Rodriguez, Raleene Cabrera, Angel Rodriguez, Keigh Jalbuena, and Melai Entuna. :)

Super excited talaga ko for this event. TOMS girl kasi talaga ako! :) I look forward to being more involved in the TOMS One for One. I hope more people will support their cause, and more businesses learn from TOMS inspiring endeavor. Lakas lang maka good vibes! :)

''Giving is what fuels us. Giving is our future. It's the core of our business and it's time we celebrate it.''
- Blake Mycoskie, TOMS founder and Chief Shoe Giver

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  1. When I read "shining shimmering", A Whole New World kaagad pumasok sa isip ko. Ano ba yan. :p And I bet they're not selling the planner. Wanted it, too, tapos I remembered the Freeway fans. Now that I think about it, malas ako in everything else but guys. Hahaha. Had a great time with you, as always, Ana. Thanks for the invite! :)

  2. Angel: HAHAHA nakakatawa ka ibang level talaga powers mo isa kang wonder woman! ;D Hehehe sana mahawaan ako nyan! 2012 is my year! Hahaha! :) See you again soon, and loved our commuting bonding sesh :))


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