Luxe Bazaar in the Il Terrazzo Mall!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Ana Gonzales
Grabe ang traffic :(

After dalawang oras na byahe dahil sa layo and traffic..I finally reached the Il Terrazzo Mall in Tomas Morato yesterday morning for the one-day Pre-Christmas Sale The LIST group gave to us (thank you guys for this opportunity! :))

I love seeing my logo in the big tarp:

When my parents and I were pulling out my products from the back of our car, narealize ko nalang that we left the big box of accessories I prepared (tagged, made, lahat na!) last night for this bazaar. Dad only got my maleta of pre-owned stuff!! Gusto kong magwala at umiyak. :P

Ana Gonzales
Ok naiwan yun isang malaking box na paninda ko :/ hay! Will only sell preloved stuff nakakaloka... Let's see how this day will go hay

Didn't let the stress get into me. Went to the Penthouse of the Il Terrazzo mall to meet my friend Anna for our stall. I realized, buti nalang I consigned her items, kundi walang laman stall ko!

Meet Anna Angeles! She sells MOTIVES makeups, a US brand:

My college journ batchmate! Love that we talk more now, than when we were still in UST! :D
Minake-upan pa nya ako! ;)

Karl Leuterio and Ally of Gold Dot looking through Anna's beauty finds:

Tabi-tabi kami ng stalls ng (fellow late girls) Archive Clothing by Pax and F-Stop by Melai! :) <3
With Pax and Mich:

Since isang rack lang naman ako (at walang mawawala, haha), I went around the bazaar area to spot pretty pieces:

Le Plume's nice accessories:

Le Plume's Lara Santos was a high school batchmate in St. Scho! :)

 Five By Five's Powerful shoessettes!

A quirky stall: Happy Hoodies!

Bet ko yung Bee and Panda, hehehe..

Gold Dot was on-sale! Bonggang as low as P1500 for two pairs of shoes!

Love the Gold Dot team, too! :)

 Goody stall, na may big tarp ni Camille Co! :) 

A new quirky shop discovery: Gelibean Couture!

Cute ng anchor prints...

Kelan kaya ako makakapag suot ng ganto? :P (Must-tone-braso, haha)

I love Trunkshow's turbans and collars!

Sparkling shoes (alam nyo na anong gusto ko dyan, hehe)

Very Katy Perry nautical! <3 love!

More pumps. I want them all, haha all talaga!

Pax wants this peg-niyang dress! <3

Planners, pens, and makeup...

One of my kasabayang online shops: PoisonBerry!

My stylist sister Pax told me essential ang leopard flats. Want these tuloy, from Posh Pocket Shoes!
Love the black detail sa dulo :)

Another bazaar stall that I love: Sophie's Mom! :)

Red Velvet goodness...

 Sophie and her mom, Ms. Tonette! :)

Tried the cookie dough... yum!

The lovely people I met and hangout with during the bazaar...

With Aisa Ipac, Karl Leuterio, Ally of Gold Dot, and Melai Entuna!

 With the ever supportive Bianca Sing, who visited our booth! :)

Sweet kid Arnie Villanueva :)

Cha Cha Hementera! :) Who even sold an item nun tumambay siya sa aking stall! Haha!

Makeup artist and blogger Marj Sia :)

One of my fave new bloggers: Kaye Awatin! :)

Carmela Guzman, who also bought from my rack, este, stall! :)

High School Loves! 4S St. Scho classmates Patty Factor and Dianne Ducepec dropped for support! <3

Melai's Mom and My Mom! :))

Thank you Mommy!

 Pax and Mom!!!! :)
 Mom: "Papicture din ako sa kaniya!" (Pointing to Pax, hehehe).

In all fairness, I was able to sell almost all the things in my little rack! Anna must be right when she said may reason siguro bat ko naiwan yun accessories ko. :)

Ana Gonzales
Luxe bazaar then mass with family :) kahit madaming palpak ang saya ng feeling ko :) thank You thank You Lord :))


  1. Thank you Anagon for the dropping by Le Plume! :) ~ Lara

  2. Ang kulit ng mom mo on wanting a photo with Pax! ahahaha! malamang ganyang ganyan din ang nanay ko if ever naging bazaarista ako.

    btw, i signed up for your brown bag seminar, hee. :D

  3. Jenny: Talaga a? :)) Thank youuu!

    Lara: Love your shop <3

    Argie: Hahahaha ang kulet lang! ;P Yehey yehey ohnoesss kinabahan tuloy ako lalo sa workshop ahahha :D

  4. Yesss! fave blogger! Thank you Ana! love the belt I got from you :)


  5. the question is, did you buy a lot too?:) hehe...ang daming magandang finds based on your photos!



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