The Mario Maurer Experience Part2

Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Part 2: Penshoppe at the Philippine Fashion Week Summer 2012

Penshoppe's Philippine Fashion Week show happened the day after the Mario Maurer Fancon. I decided to still watch it although already dead-tired from the fancon happenings. Because of him:

The company: Jen, Ava, and Krissy! :)

Donning my Mr. A-Z look, hahaha.

Texting and tweeting before the show started

I came from the Ipanema show with Krissy before heading to Hall 2 for this show. When Ipanema was just starting, Krissy told me there were tweets already na nagsstart na ang pila for Penshoppe. Natense me! When we went out, graaaaabeee nga ang zigzag of people for the Penshoppe show. Good thing Pax saw us and pointed us to the line for the media people. Everyone was required to go there, get their "bracelets", before we can enter the venue. RSVP was strictly implemented. May jirita moments padin ako (patience was tested again, sigh), but in the end, I am just thankful I got inside the venue and had nice seats.

Then, the most anticipated show started! We were told "No screaming" when we entered the venue. :P

Love the Penshoppe set! They always beat their previous set and production! Ang bongga ng akyat hagdan peg, and the multi-screens!

I love the maxi dresses! Summer na summer <3


Expecting a bright summer ahead! :)

And then finally, lights were dimmed...And faces of Mario Maurer flashed the background. Ang bonggels!

People behind me were screaming! Sigh. Boyish charm of Mario Maurer never fails to wow the crowd:

He looked at me! ;D Nyahaha!

Parang isang anghel, hahaha! Mario "glowing"!

photo from official PFW website

More Penshoppe Summer 2012 clothes were showcased. I am looking forward to the colored wedges, I wonder if they're Penshoppe? The yummy colored pants and jumpsuits are too cute also!

A final strut with Alex Mendoza, Penshoppe's brand manager

Mario Maurer, Alex Mendoza, and VJ Utt

A wave for his fans. <3

Gold confetti <3

 Sigh. Beautiful show! Congrats Penshoppe!

My beautiful company:

Ava Te

Jen Maslang

Krissy Cruz

What I Wore: 

Pinahiram sakin ni Baby Mario jacket niya from Fan Con dahil nilalamig me, chos! Hahaha. ;p

The lazy girl:
Fedora - SM
Not-your-ordinary white tee - Oxygen
Flares - Dept. Store
Clogs - Manels
Black Jacket - Penshoppe
Gold Wire Necklace - Anagon Collection

It was also the last show I watched for Philippine Fashion Week Summer 2012. 
Again, thank you Penshoppe and Publicity Asia for bringing Mario Maurer in Manila, and for letting us experience the P'Shone craze! :) 

Congrats to your team for staging two consecutive events for this Thai superstar! I can't wait for him to keep his promise, as tweeted:

Babalik ako


  1. winner ang necklace mo kapatid.. iba talaga pag anagon. at siempre pa,
    who would miss Mario's kacute-an .. lol.. i've actually watched his love of siam movie.. which is really good in my opinion.. :)

    btw,, you already!.. ikaw ba naman ang pahiramin ng jacket hehe

  2. Hi Ms. Ana!! I love that necklace you are wearing!

  3. Ana... Ayan na naman... BAGONG NECKLACE THAT I WANT. Garrrrr. Haha. Love your Penshoppe outfit. And ang cute talaga ni Krissy! Love your style, guys! :)

  4. ang gwapo ni mario! nakaka sira ng bait! hahaha :))

  5. Awww, I can't believe I missed this. :( But anyway, I'm glad you girls had fun! :)

    Love the necklace, Ana! Also, lovin' Krissy's dressy look! :)

  6. sosyal ni ana noh? may jacket ni mario!! hahaha :)) wooohoo!! pahiram!

  7. Rizza: CUTE noh!

    Belle: I wanna watch din tuloy his other film na yan :))

    Jill: Thank you for appreciating!

    Angel: Thank you for always supporting Anagon <3

    Iamcertified: LOVET! Totoo yan, nawawala poise ko hahaha

    Keigh: I missed you, lamoyan!!!

    Ava: HAHAHA chos lang yun, syempre ganyan ako maka fan girl, bili ng jersey, kay mario ok na jacket hehehe ;)))


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