Scentimental Trip in Rustan's Glorietta

Friday, November 25, 2011

There is something about particular scents and an individual. There's this "sniff" that would instantly turn your mood up, or unfortunately even down. Ay pabango to ni ex...or ay eto yung amoy ng koche namin. They bring back memories sooo fast.

I love fragrances, and haven't really find my "perfect match", that's why I was excited with our little tour in Rustan's fragrances section post-Laura Mercier event.

Halatang curious cat ako dito, hehe.

Still with my girls: Angel Rodriguez, Aisa Ipac, Tracy Ayson, Ava Te, Keigh Jalbuena, and Belle Fenix:

Thought of making a mental Christmas List for my family during the tour...

By the Diptyque Paris Candles:

United by a passion for creativity and design, three artisans became friends and partners. They open a shop at 34 boulevard Saint-Germain to showcase their avant-garde fabric designs and decorative items from their travels. 

The trio offers colored candles to match their fabrics, adding perfumed wax. Customers fall in love with the inimitable fragrances. Word travels. Cachet grows.

In 1963, they introduce the first diptyque scented candle. In 1968, the first line of diptyque fragrances is launched. Today, the three Parisian artists are world-renown purveyors of fragrance and scented candles.

We smelled the different Diptyque Paris candles through the corks. Cute packaging noh!:

Diptyque Paris candles for my busy and always on-the-go sister Cea:
I love aromatherapy, and I know the scent of candles will do wonders to relax my very stressed out bunsoy. During the tour, they told us that the citrus scents will re-energize the tired body.

The personal fragrances, also from Diptyque Paris:

In 1968, diptyque launched its first unisex eau de toilette, L'Eau. Numerous creations have followed since, with signature scents appealing to men and women alike. In Eau de toilette, solid perfumes and now, roll-ons.

Still noticeable is the lovely packaging. Very classy.

Herbas de Ibiza Perfumes:
Pronounced as yer-bas deebeeza, with literal translation: Herbs from Ibiza. The family’s tradition in Perfumery goes back to 1965, the Eau de Cologne Hierbas de Ibiza was launched in Ibiza in 1997.

"Very Ibiza". Heard this term during the tour. Learned about how these perfumes encourage mixing of scents, making it a whole new experience altogether. Perfect for my Ate, who loves trying out new things, and is always traveling to different countries!

Beautiful store set-ups:

I'd love to have this, hehe:

Tracy's favorite section: Acca Kappa
Took a sniff, and felt like home. I'm sure my mother will love it's subtle but elegant smell. 

Snippets from Acca Kappa President Elisa Gera:

What should perfume lovers NEVER do when it comes to their scents?
The scent has the most direct and personal  relationship with an individual in a totally emotional and non-rational way.

What is the best way to APPLY fragrance to your body? (specific points, layering etc.)
Apply fragrance lightly to the body’s pulse points: Wrists, base of the throat, behind the ear lobes, to the back of your knees, in your elbows and between the breasts. Do not rub the wrists together after applying the fragrance since this breaks downs the scent.
Apply your fragrance before you put on any clothing or jewelry. Be aware that some perfumes and fragrances leaves stains on fabrics , metals and pearls.

Any suggestions on how women can find their own signature scent?
The Freshness of the Green Mandarin for the sunny days.  A delicate but with a refined spicy heart note   White Moss Eau de Cologne for the evening

More pretty things, I wish I can "collect" these in the future.. (libre lang mangarap ;))

Cute perfume bottle with the attached spray:

Interesting bars. I wasn't able to ask if they're soaps, or they're also perfume! 

Another interesting fragrance:
A little history: In 1983, Topper Schroeder was just a consumer on a quest to find cologne he could wear with pride – but without irritating skin or asthmatic reactions. After searching department store and men’s counters everywhere without success, Topper decided to develop that dream cologne for his own use. After home-testing his ability to enjoy Gendarme without allergic irritation, Topper began to wear it everywhere and evolved from an inadvertent walking billboard to the first fragrance marketer from the music business- a personable maverick in an industry dominated by multi-national corporations.

Today, Topper relives each of the Gendarme fragrances and translates them into visions of confidence. For the "Ready for Anything" campaign, Topper breathes life to the Gendarme Men. My dad will love this. Although in his 50s already, dad still goes all-out in finding the right business for him. In short, age doesn't stop him. Ready for anything, indeed!

Happy kids:

Thank you Rustan's Team for the fun afternoon!

With my blog girls! :)

Bec San Diego

Arnie Villanueva

My sister Giezelle Uy

My coueeerl Tracy Ayson

With Jen Maslang, Ava Te, Keigh Jalbuena, Angel Rodriguez, Arnie Villanueva, Bec San Diego, and Belle Fenix. :)

Visit the Cosmetics and Perfumery Department of Rustan's Department Store in Glorietta 4, Makati for luxury and fine finds to give to your mom, dad, grandparents, and loved ones this Christmas. :) Thank you to the Rustan's Team for accommodating us!


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