What is the star of the Noche Buena table?

Friday, November 25, 2011

I know! Anong ginagawa ng isang vegetarian sa isang HAM event?! Haha!
Went to Via Mare Oyster Bar in Rockwell yesterday for lunch and to attend the Purefoods Fiesta Ham Event. Hindi man ako kumakain ng karne, my WHOLE family ay big-time meat-eaters. Hindi lang pala meat-eaters, kundi MEAT-LOVERS! :D So yes, I attended this affair for them! :) Sweet ko noh? Haha!

An intimate gathering of personalities, media people, and bloggers:

I love the wine bottle displays, and the Purefoods Fiesta Ham packaging added zest and festiveness to the set-up!

Felt like Christmas. :)

Chef preparing the star of the Noche Buena table: no other than Purefoods Fiesta Ham!

May naglalaway na ba jan? Hehehe...

In the Philippines, I'm sure you'll agree with me that the Noche Buena table (or even the Media Noche!) will be incomplete without the traditional hamon and queso de bola.

That’s why the kind of ham served on the Noche Buena table is one of the most critical decisions Mom will make for Christmas. It has to be the best that the Gonzales family will love, made from the purest premium meat that’s firm but tender, with a taste that perfectly balances the succulent sweet-salty flavor.

Ms. Christine Jacob as the luncheon's host:

Aside from being the best-tasting Christmas ham, it can also be used to highlight mom’s kitchen creativity.  Cooked with pasta or prepared with a salad or as a wrap, it can also be glazed in a variety of ways - using coffee, fruits, or even beer!  With it, moms can extend the tastes of Christmas even way after the holidays are over while they portray warm feelings of love and care for her family.   

That afternoon, we were given ideas on how to prepare Purefoods Fiesta Ham in many (and creative!) ways!

The fun menu:



 Main Course:


Dessert: (a Via Mare specialty!)

More ham slices for second, third, or fourth servings!

We were also served with very-Christmasy castanas...

And had a fun little q&a game...
 ... Where the lucky winners took home different Purefoods Fiesta Hams!

Speaking of the Fiesta Hams...Purefoods Fiesta Ham also comes in many forms: the 1kg traditional size for the family, the NEW 1.5kg thinly-sliced version for bigger families and gatherings, the NEW 200g Fiesta Ham slices that are affordable and conveniently-packed, and the NEW 3.5kg/piece Fiesta Ham Smoked Bone-in with an additional smoked taste that’s perfect for grand celebrations.

The lovely ladies at my table:

What an honor to be seated with Ms. Tina Tagle and her daughter! :)

Ms. Dainty Mom Martine de Luna and her husband:

She's super nice :)

Purefoods Christmas Hams are preferred by close to 8 out of 10 mothers, according to a most recent survey by TNS Philippines (bonggels!)

Table of beautiful people: Suzi Entrata-Abrera, Barbie Almalbis (my favorite!), Danica Sotto-Pingris, and Christine Jacob:

Since I was late, Ms. Martine of Dainty Mom blog told me that these celebrity moms created their very own table set-up, and gave tips on Noche Buena Christmas decors.
Read more and see pictures of the different Christmas table set-ups by these celebrities in Martine's blog post.

So instead of ganito ang display niyo sa table: (hehehe, napaka "appetizing" naman :P)

...Make it more festive, just like Danica Sotto-Pingris':

Before leaving the affair, Ms. Nicole told us that we have our names in the Christmas decors hanging sa kanilang Christmas tree:

Mrs. Martinez :) Cute!

Mine! And in gold pa, my favorite color! :)

Went home with lotsa hams for my mom. :) Made her so happy napansin ko nag defrost sya ng freezer kaninang umaga (hehehe). I'm sure my sisters will be happy when mom serves Purefoods hams to them for dinner. Totally worth it! Thank you Purefoods Fiesta Ham for bringing Christmas a month in advance for my family! :)


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