2011 in Outfiteys :)

Saturday, December 31, 2011

Nakakatuwa din pala to look back on the several looks I created for this year, ang year natalagang tumumbling ang buhay ko upside down (kaguley kung kaguley!) and then right side up again. It wasn't a steady year or even an all-good year, 2011 wasn't gentle to me-- but then it has taught me a lot.

Like ang kaguley series of events, kaguley din pala ang outfit evolution and hair transformations ko for just 12 months, and ang pinaka napansin ko... Ang drastic weight changes!!! :P Eto na ata ang year na ang dami kong solo pictures! I am not one to take solo pics (dahil awkward me), kaya if you noticed my photos, walang kapose pose! Hahaha!

Also, eto na ata ang year na pinaka madaming beses ako nag heels! Haha! Anyway, I really hope I get to experiment more with fashion, dahil naniniwala talaga ako na the search for your personal style goes with the search for who you truly are. There is more to learn.

I can't wait for the new year because I know if there's one thing I've learned from 2011 -- it's to always look forward. To go through life kahit ano man ang butas ng karayom ang kailangan mong daanan, just push forward. I hope I became more bullet proof after all these experiences. And habang nakikipagbakbakan and nagpapaka survivor, I am so friggin gonna make sure I go through all these with style.

Peace and Love to YOU!


  1. Cheers to more fab and stylish year ahead! :)


  2. Thanks Kaye! Same to youu!

    Shine: True! :) A for Effort ang pagbabaon ng heels! ;) Hehe! :))


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