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Monday, December 05, 2011

Big SALE in my stall because:

Thank you Frances for this picture! :)

Aie and Melai's mom were my mom's kabooth share! :) Heehee!

Mich, Ate, and Aisa's Ate Patricia! Registration Booth People!

Nina Ricci's fun booth! (LSS na ba sa Sunday Girl? Hehe!:))

Ginawa ko nang chichiria ang Riomints sa sobrang salap! :P

Photo from Lilli Abatayo :)

Si mom and dad pa ang nagka picture with Victor Basa and Divine Lee! Haha!

It's Mira! :)

Mommies! My mom and Melai's mom!

At the Nail It! Station: Patricia Prieto and Kryz Uy!

Finally! Can't wait to road test Lorys hair cream (pedeng conditioner or hot oil!)! Ako na ang dry hair! And yey for the cute cupcake Ashley's lipgloss! :D Ang kikay lang!

Multiply COOLEST lounge area: Eden and Krissy! Seryosong seryoso basta pagdating sa shoppingan! ;)

Big sale in the Accessorize stall!

Thank you for the cool Accessorize sunnies and scarf! I love them! :) 
Ate and Pax bought a scarf from the stall, too! 

Nivea is SUPER generous! Thank you Mikki Galang! :) Love my new Nivea stocks! :))

Free Oishi goodies and photo booth!

 My loves Karl Leuterio and Val Chua love Fiber and Fruit (kapatid to ng Smart C!) :)

My favorite kids: Jonessa and Nicole! :)

Red Mango! :) My FAVORITE forever!

Love my new Belle York and Giordano tops! :D

MEG Magazine:


Napkin supplies: Thank you Kotex! :D


Mastercard lakas maka-mayaman pen and bag!

The big Gadgets Banner:

Hosts of the event: Gelo Arucan and Melai Entuna... With her mom for the "bring me" game!

Charisse and her friend won lots of goodies! :)

Lorys winners!

Sarah Tirona won Lorys and Sole Sister products!

ANAGON COLLECTION! Hehehe proud na proud! ;p

Oishi Cuckoo Bags winners! :)

Gadgets Mag winners of new cellphones. Ang bring me: Oldest Cellphone! 

I won in the "bloggers with Multiply shopping account!" Yey! :)

Halata naman ang stage fright ko boo :P
Ashley and MK Olsen: Aka Reg and Anagon, hehehe. ;p Chos lang! :)

Thank you Mommy for manning my stall the WHOLE DAY!

My sanctuary, hehe:

Thank you Kaye Awatin for this picture!
Metal Collar Necklace and Gray many-ways Coverup - Cuenca Bazaar Find!
Black Skirt - My mom's
Black Booties - H&M
Big Watch - Timex c/o SM Privado

So many things I want to say, it might flood this post as if hindi pa siya flooded with pictures (nyahaha). I can't thank you all enough for supporting BLOGGERS UNITED 2! The response is overwhelming, napuno ata ang baso up to now overflowing parin ang good feedbacks I get from Twitter, FB, and syempre--blogs! :) (Di nyo alam, ginu-Google ko pa ang posts nyo! ;)) Hehe..) 

Thank you to all the participating bloggers (mga tindero/tindera for a day! :)), the ever-supportive readers, our very generous and accommodating sponsors, our awesomesauce partner and Multiply.Com, the GMA Kapuso Foundation team, and EVERYONE who has been part of this event...Pre, During, and Post!

Photo wall with our beloved sponsors c/o Paul the PR Guy! Thank you!
Picture by Lilli Abatayo

 Bonggang crowd photo by Catch Gaviola. :)

A BIG THANK YOU to my Crazy Gonzales family for the never ending (walang katulad!) na support.

Daddykins took charge of the tables and chairs (balita ko may nagtaray sa dad ko na blogger nun nag ask lang sya if they need more tables and chairs sa stall..Grr. Kung sino ka man! Hay! God bless you! Haha).
Mom was my tindera in the Anagon Collection stall (boy did she sold a lot--good job sa sales talks mom!).
Ate went to the event to help the registration area, and never left the station!
Cea brought Oishi in the event--wherein they provided free snacks, drinks, TO EVERYONE and even unli photobooth na ang cute ng signage! :D

Thank you to my sisters forever: Aisa Ipac and Melai Entuna. Hindi ko matutumbasan ang mad skillz niyo in event organizing, but I thank God for all these experiences shared with the two of you. Thank you sa lahatlahatlahat! :) Love you both!

 Check out this page for more pics with people I met in the event! :)

To God be the Glory! :) Thank You Lord for this blessing!
I am proud to be a Pinoy Fashion Blogger!



  1. Bongga talaga ng BU2!!! Syempre, everyone shouts to have a third one! Looking forward to it, friendship! Congratulations to you, Melai and Pax!! ♥



  2. What a successful event! Congrats girls!
    Thank you Ana for the guestlist! :)
    If you guys are planning BU3, I wanna join na :)


  3. Two thumbs up for BU2 and of course, for its three great organizers! :) I super had fun kahit na nag-solo flight lang ako. Yun lang nahirapan lang talaga akong mag-decide kung saan magsisimula kasi pag pasok palang napaka-overwhelming na ng mga blogger finds! :D

    Congrats! :)

  4. Congrats Ana, sa inyong 3 ni Melai and Pax. :D super fun talaga kahit best in late kami ni ate kasi akala ko 1pm start. haha :D sa uulitin.

    <3 Maria

  5. Congrats Ana, Melai and Pax! And thank you rin for the opportunity to support BU2 in my own little way. ;) Galing niyong 3. Yan na ang talagang tinatawag na "power trio"! :) I'm looking forward to BU 3! Ang dami na ring nagrerequest nyan ah. So exciting. Hehe

    Thank you rin for the accessories!! :)

    ♥♥ Megann of STYLE SURGERY

  6. havey na havey talaga ang bu2!!!thank you for mentioning my name pati po ung pictures hehe..ang labo po eh..thank you so much po tlaga!!
    god bless and more power to your blog!!:) ♥♥♥

  7. love your blog! sarap basahin.. kuleeet..

  8. ang solid lang ng write up na ito! ana, pax and melai, i can't congratulate you enough for another successful installment of Bu2 and for this time thinking of us Cebu bloggers as well. it was one of the best weekends talaga for us, to have met and joined all of you in BU and to give our city some sort of representation. ay dumadrama. sayang wala ka sa dinner though! love you ana!


  9. ANAAA <3 Congratulations :D BU2 was just awesome!!

  10. Salamat guys for all the well wishes and congrats! All for God's greater glory! Till next BU! :)


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