Create Your Own Burger: Blog Barkada Christmas Dinner! :)

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Best food discovery for 2011 (for me, hehe). After the very productive and heartwarming fundraising bazaar activity with my blog friends and Moonleaf in Maginhawa...

We headed to BRGR: The Burger Project, which is also located in Maginhawa Street!

A nice neat indie place na parang may "Asa BF ba ako?" vibes:

Ang catch nga dito, pano nakong vegetarian, may makakain ba ako sa isang burger place?
The answer:

....You make your own burger!

My favorites: Step 2: Choose a Bun -- na pedeng Angus Beef, 100% beef, chicken, OR TOFU! :D
and of course, Step 6: Choose a sauce...Just because I love sauce! :) I think every vegetarian loves variety of tastes and flavors! Well, for me dun ako nabubuhay, sa masalaaap na sauce! Kaya I love Mexican foods! :)

Ang hirap ba mag desisyon, Aie and Melai? :)

Seryosohang bizniz to! Hehehe! We also named our own burgers!

Finally, pass your papers kids! Hehehe!

While waiting for our burgers, nag ikot muna kami sa loob ng BRGR:

They deliver! :)

Para sa hirap mag decision at mag create ng own burger (or para sa mga gutom na, hehe) 

Indoor diners:

Colorful! Lovet!

Cute Japanese toys and whatnots displays:

More sauce and condiments by the "pick-up" station:

Burger Fillers:

Burger Sauces:

When we got back, finally! Anjan na ang aming pagkain!!!

Big thick super yummy french fries:

Must-try: Blueberry Milk Shake! Ang salaaap!

Another favorite, Mozarella sticks! Hindi siya panay flour lang, ang THICK ng CHEEESE! YUUUM!

YUMMY crunchy onion may onions talaga! Again, hindi floury! :)))

Pax and Aie's Paxie Cute Burger! Haha!

Sarah enjoying her strawberry milkshake with her Miss Eggplant Burger...Ang burger na walang eggplant! Nyahaha!

The bffs! And catch presenting his Catch Burger!

Melai's Style and Soul Burger! Baka maiyak ako pag kumagat ako dito! Hehehe! ;)

And of course, ibibida ko talaga...ang aking ANAGON BURGER!!!

Vegetarian goodness! :))) Loaded with tofu, onions, garlic sauce, pesto, and mozarella cheese! PANALO!

Thank you Ruben for the cool treat! Ang saya ng Christmas party namin! :) Thank you for the AWESOME conversations and great food!

Ended the day with great laughs and bottles of beers! CHEERS!

Molk! Hahaha!!!!

Visit the BRGR: The Burger Project! Open daily from 11am to 12mn! Create your own burger, head over 122 Maginhawa St. Teachers Village, QC. Contact them at 351 7474. :)
Don't forget to like them on Facebook!

Definitely super sulit night. Sobrang unforgettable dinner with my blog friends who had all been there for me ngayong year nato. What a way to cap a great year with fellow bloggers! :) Thanks guys!!! Sa uulitin na kalokohans!
Merry Christmas!!!


  1. Another nakakagutom na post!!! :)) Lol. Nakakapaglaway iteyyy sis. :P Salaaaappp!


  2. Shall try that Burger Project soon! Ano kayang look ng Raid My Closet burger?? Hahaha! Love the last photo, ang pupula!! ♥♥ Merry Christmas, guys!!!


  3. merry christmas, twin! mukhang super sarap ng shake!!! :)


  4. Shucks, Ana. Nagutom ako sa post na ito. Seriously! Gusto ko tuloy kumain ng malinamnam na burger mamaya pagkagising ko. Haha!

    Merry Christmas, love! Stay humble, positive and mabait lagi!


  5. YUMMY POST! :D Haha! Merry Christmas Ana!

  6. Oh wow! they have vegetarian burger, I wanna try that! :)


  7. Wow, this sounds like having a great time in a great place. Best burger place in town that advisable even on a vegetarian. It is fun to create our own burger.


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