My Christmas 2011 :)

Monday, December 26, 2011

A mishmash of the beautiful things that happened since Christmas Eve. Spent Christmas with the best people in the world, the people who will love me forever, my family. Mom's side nung Christmas Eve in our Project 6 house (konti nalang kami so we resorted to Skype the Magadia families na asa States). Then in Tanauan Batangas on the 25th for dad's side. Slept over and ended Christmas day with some relatives in Balai Isabel (in Talisay Batangas), kung saan narealize ko kung ano ang resulta ng holiday nato: Walang katapusang antok at appetite!

Hope you all had the best Christmas yet! :) I am thankful that, like that night on a manger lighted only by the bright star, our family is complete and filled with love. 

"For unto you is born this day in the city of David a Savior, who is Christ the Lord....
...For God so loved the world, that He gave us His only Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have eternal life." (Luke 2:11, John 3:16)


  1. What a great celebration you had! I really miss going to the beach :)


  2. Thank you kaye!:)) merry Christmas!!!:)

  3. Ganda ng pics!! Gusto ko tuloy magbeach. On an awkward note, yung table cloth sa pics yun yung skirt namin nung HS :| hahaha kainezz veneracion! :))

  4. Wow, ang saya nmn ng Christmas jan! :) Most specially it's spent with relatives and family. I miss my own! huhu... :(

    Merry Christmas Ms. Anagon!

  5. OMG yung table cloth ay saktong tela ng skirt ng high school uniform ko sa Zobel ano ba :))

  6. wow! I'm glad you had a wonderful Christmas!!

  7. merry christmas, ana and to your parents too! :) ang sarap naman gumising with that balcony view of the ocean!!! :)


  8. Havey ang Christmas celebration mo, Ana!! ☺ Bongga ng Balai! Happy holidays to your lovely family!!


  9. Happiness! Merry Christmas Ana! :)

  10. love the pics :))) Happy holidays Ana :))

  11. Jenny: Ako din sana nag dala ako swimsuit! ;p But im sure maginaw nun hehehe! Niiice with the uniform hahaha kami nga palaging sinasabing maid hehehe (st scho)

    Myrted: Why!? Where's the family? :P

    Aura: Hahahaha panalo! ;p

    Thank you Jill! Merry Christmas! :)

    Reg: True! When we got there ang dilim na so pitch black ang view, not realizing direchong dagat pala yun! :D When I woke up direcho akong balcony, and WOW pwede pala mag dive from balcony to lake hahaha!

    Arnie: Thank you Arnie! Bonggels sana next year white Christmas na! :) hehehe :)

    Jenine : Thank you loves merry Christmas to you too!

    Iamcolorful: thank you and merry Christmas to youuu!

  12. Merry Christmas Ana :) The place looks awesome! I want to go to the beach!


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