DLSU Christmas Bazaar 2011 (Anagon X F-Stop)

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Went to DLSU yesterday for Anagon Collection's last bazaar for Holiday 2011..

Pretty lanterns! Spotted the Fit n Right bottles, and remembered hindi na ako nag gym uli :P

There was an ongoing outreach program:

Cute kids dancing the dougie:

Excited when I find out na may concert:

My favorite foods for this bazaar: Mozarella Sticks and Sour Cream Mojos:

The food stall even handed Christmas gifts to their buyers! Sweet <3

Melai and her new Anagon accessory! :)

 Melai was also my ka-booth-share during the bazaar! I love my blog sister, see how OC she can get, haha!

Melai maayos na yan! ;D Hahaha! Our neat little humble stall:

Pa-artsy ANAGON signage:

Melai's mommy, na very OC din! ;D Hahaha! :)

YEHEY! :) Finally saw Efril Lagman again! Another fellow blogger, MIA forever :/ 
At least she knows her priorities well: studies first! See you again soon, girl!

The F-Stop Shop X Anagon Collection jam-packed booth! Yeah!

My dear friend and fellow Candy girl Nadine came to visit! :) Thank you!!

I also had a great time with my bb / highschool kabarkada Chickie! She came to support my biz also, bago matapos ang Anagon Collection holiday bazaars!

This sight caught our attention! Free food??!

Free food nga! Even to outsiders like me and Melai! Haha!

We lined up...

Got our share:


 "Basta libre, ang SARAP talaga!"

With Jazz of Green Fusion! :) One of my fellow sellers and a Lasalista friend! Check out their cool La Salle apparels here!

He handed this magazine para may libangan while waiting for buyers:

I love the red velvet cupcake I bought sa nearby stall:

Check out Melai's cool clothes, nakakatempt talaga! I got one nice top I'll wear for our Christmas party tomorrow! :)

Nung gabi na, Melai and I watched the different performers...


Ang onti ng tao!!! :(


Obvious sa mga tarps kung sino ang finale / inaabangan:

With performer Clayton Risner:

The hosts:

And finally!!! (I love this crazy-mashed shot!)


Nakakaloko ang smirk ni Ely Buendia! Hehehe:

Happy gushing kids! Hihihi:

Then, the whole family arrived na!

Dad mesmerized lang kay Ely, hahaha. Gusto daw niya sumigaw "Magazine!" O kaya yung "pen pen pen de sarapen" daw, hahaha!

Small crowd! :/

My La Sallistas sisters, naloka sa empty halls! Haha!

The parentals sandwiching Melai's mommy! :) <3

First time to join a Christmas bazaar in DLSU, and found out na first Christmas bazaar din pala ito ng university! Unlike UST na may Paskuhan and UP's Lantern, the DLSU kids usually go to their own Christmas parties sa last day pre-Christmas break. Didn't expect the low attendance, but that didn't make our stalls lugi! Thank you sooo much La Sallians for forever supporting Anagon Collection! And to my friends for dropping by our booth to show your support! I LOVE YOU GUYS!!!

Thank you also to Melai and her mom for the fun company--whole day affair itey! Can't imagine spending that bazaar by myself lang, mabuti nanjan kayo! Aside from selling and sharing our business thoughts and my bazaarista experiences, natatawa ako pag nansspot kami ni Melai ng cutie sa DLSU-- "Hay kung studyante pa sana ako!" Hahaha! Ang daming cute sa DLSU! And syempre, nahawa ata si Melai sa food-trip mode ko every bazaar, panay din ang kain niya! Hahaha! And lastly, what made the day even more epic was the PUPIL free concert! Na sobrang naki-jam lang kami talaga ni Melai kay Ely Buendia! Benta!

Happy! :)
Thanks Melai for the awesome time!
I love you, alam mo yan!
To more success for our businesses!

Mabuhay ang FStop and Anagon!!! :)


  1. Shocks!! Na-in love ako sa new Anagon accessory ni Melai!!! Bet ko rin Ana!!! :( Congratulations to your last bazaar!! ♥



  2. Wowwww! I saw your booth cos I hadn't time to stop by cos I was late for an appointment! :) Sayang! :)) HAHA!

  3. Aww, I love this post! Sarap mag reminisce! I miss my school tuloy!

  4. Salamat sa post mo, ngayon alam ko na kung anong nangyari sa school nun! Walang katao-tao nyan kasi last day of exams tapos lahat ng students super pagoda tragedy na sa term kaya di na siguro pumunta! Kalokah!

    Anyway enjoy rin naman pala, sana dumaan ako saglit, kung alam ko lang :p

  5. Arnie: Hihihi thank you! :) Naku for sure bagay din sayo yan! :D

    Marie: Sayang!

    Romsz: Awww ako nga din namiss ko yun aking own school! :P Pero syempre business first! I had fun din sa iyong alma mater! :)

    Jenny: Hihi! Sobrang waley gurl! Sayang nga akala ko makikita ko kayo ni bufra mo! :) Next year nalang sa Univ week nyo! :)

  6. Wow! love your new accessory!


  7. Aww!! I miss DLSU!! Laging foodtrip pag ganyan.. :(

  8. Wow ate. It looks like your day was jam-packed. You're always on the go talaga. I admire your being so energetic and active. :)

    Btw, I have a new blog. I would appreciate a visit from you. Thanks! :)

  9. Aaaaw ana this is so sweet! I love rin teh! Alam mo yan! Kayo ni Aisa!! :)

    Melai of Style and Soul

    JOIN MY 2012 Welcome GIVEAWAY!
    Lots of prizes up for grabs!

  10. Ang konti pala ng tao nung concert. Parang 1st time ko nakitang konti ang tao sa DLSU event. Yes, last day of exams na kaya ganyan lalo na yung frosh blocks na earlier ang christmas vacation saka nasa Paskuhan yung iba. :( Any, still glad to see you! Next year ulit! :)


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