Back to Work!

Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Meeting over katsu (and my Katsu-Katsuhan, hehe) in Yabu! So many things to do padin to think the Bloggers United 2 felt like eons ago, haha! But I love my company, so "work" isn't a drab when I am with Melai and Pax. And of course hindi nawala ang chikahan injected in between serious business matters. "How was your Christmas?" Hay I love catching up with good friends! :)

Winner parin ang Yabu! Walang pasabi, I went there and asked if I can order my vegetarian katsu (the one I had on my last visit), the waiter didn't make me feel weird na ano ba yun hehehe...Kasi wala naman to sa menu. They still satisfied my Yabu cravings! Yehey!

Learned that this meal costs P260 lang! MABABALIKBALIKAN KO TO! :D 

Wasn't able to wear The Pill wedges outside though, have to change into my comfy flats for commuting purposes. :P But I missed wearing this! Buti summer na!

The top looks pink-ish but it's actually orange haha (bad picture :P) . No one to take my pic, ayan sa salamin nalang ako nag photo op haha. I love the back detail of my top, better sana if I wore it ng walang black sando na, as Melai mentioned to me. But then sa beach trip ko lang ata kaya gawin yun. Share ko lang, sa kwentuhan nga namin ni Melai, nakadami narin akong "bastusin encounters" while commuting, and ang pinaka malala was back in college when in a bus the lolo na katabi ko grabbed my thigh, several times! Medyo nakakalurks and katrauma lang yun noh! To think naka uniform lang ako nun a, pano pa pag porma! :P Kaya ayan, conservative-ity at its finest, haha! :P Sarap siguro ng dekotch. :P

Again, thank you Petit Monde for my nice skirt! :) <3

Syempre I also got my own The Bead Shop "Blogger" bracelet, in gold strap. :) Made the Anagon Collection logo bracelet para reminder to always be excited for my beautiful job. :)

My DIY for the day:
 A belt bracelet! Napuputol na kasi siya so tinuluyan ko na gupitin para double wrap bracelet na siya with buckle :) Kulit!

There! Ako naman mangangamusta sa inyo! :) How was your first day back to work, or back to school? :)


  1. I love your anagon collection logo bracelet! it's so creative and unique. - Kat G.

  2. I have the Blogger one in gold strap, too! I think Ava has it in the gold strap, too! Haha Blogger Bead Shop bracelets unite! LOVE the logo bracelet :)

  3. yes naman "blogger" bracelets unite!:) haha! love et!! sana makapag yabu tayong lahat! love the skirt!

  4. Your looking great Ana! Wishing you and ANAGON collection all the best for 2012! Love the Anagon bracelet and I'm seriously thinking about purchasing a "BLOGGER" gold strap bracelet too. I'm so blessed to have blogged my way into meeting you and everyone at Bloggers United! Cheers!

  5. looking forward to what your girls have in store for us this year! :)

    boat ride through the sky

  6. Cute skirt! May Lolita vibes. :))
    Naisip ko rin pag dekotch tayo hindi hassle magdala ng extra shoes tapos kahit todo dress up ka keri lang kasi wala ka namang kasabay na stranger. :D

  7. Kaguley naman ang traumatic experiences in commuting! I've had a lot of kalurks ganaps sa pag-commute, too, even though simple at not sexy ang suot! Mga people these days talaga! :-S Anyway, yay for this outfit and your Blogger cuff! I'd like to have that too, soon! :) Cheers to a better year for Bloggers United! See you real soon!


  8. Oo nga. Dapat kasi magkotch ka na. :p Cute ng top at skirt mo, Ana. :) Happy New Year!

  9. I super duper love that blogger bracelet too. :)

  10. Thank you guys! :))) <3 Naku, cheers talaga to the fashionista commuters, the brave little girls battling the metro manila jungle, hehehe :))

  11. Love your new bracelets Ms. Ana! <3

    More Power!

  12. Sammy: Thank you so much! :))) Must take note wearing them again and again, hindi na ako nakakapag bracelets masyado! :P


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