Happy List 12.24.2011

Saturday, December 24, 2011

1) Another dinner / get-together with some of my high school friends :)

Minsan lang tong appearance ni DOCTORA Tep! :)) Yehey! :))

Bo's Coffee kulitan afterwards! ;p HAHA!

2) My Househusband Premiere- turned shopping trip!

Direk Joey

Was supposed to watch Househusband with Sarah T and Ava, but the movie started late so I decided to just watch by New Year siguro with my family. Heard super benta daw and maganda ang story. Left the theater with Sarah, and just SHOPPED! Nang ganito ang suot!!! -

 Overdressed girls. :P 

I thought pag premiere night dapat bonggels ang suot hahaha, siguro sa Hollywood red carpet ko nakita yun hehehe. ;p

Joined Sarah while she shopped for cutie clothes for her daughter Nikolla! :) She got lots of good finds ng okay na okay ang presyo sa SM kid's section!
I actually had fun looking through racks of little girls' clothes! Gusto ko talaga magka anak na gurl! :P Hahaha!

But for now na sing-gol pa tayey.... Ang pera goes to...
 My own loot! Nyahaha!
 Love my new shoesettes! <3

I've always wanted to have clear accessories! :) Iba yun dating! :)

And last but not the least....3) Gifts, Gifts, Gifts!

Will say this many many times: THANK YOU THANK YOU SOOO MUCH my dearest readers and brands for being sooo thoughtful, supportive, and generous!

The List! For my second Christmas gift from your group! THANK YOU!!!

A sweet reader and blogger Inee's gift for me, Melai, and Pax!

She made Lego-heart necklaces for us!
Can't wait to wear it!! :)
Soooo creative and sweeet!

Denim shorts with Mickey Mouse from my blog sister Aie Corpuz!
I super love denim shorts! Maooveruse ko nanaman to hahaha!

Another blog sister, Sarah Tirona gave me an eggplant purple maxi skirt! <3
Nakakatawa yun ecobag! Lurks!!! Hell talagey!

Beauty blogger's Gellie Abogado gave me this! :) 
Ang sweeet! Can't wait to use this matte foundation, lalo pag rarampa uli sa events!

Thank you Argie of The Beauty Bin for my TWO NEW HATS!!! I can't deeply express my gratitude for these...Super natouch ako! Alamnyoyan I LOVE HATS!!! I'll sell my shoes, but NEVER my hats!

Thank you Memo, Regatta, ForMe, Penshoppe, and Oxygen for these goodies and GCs! Just got this package today, a day before Christmas! KAYO NA! Kayo na ang Santa Claus ng isang 25-year-old!!!!


Grabeee bisperas na ng Pasko! If you've been reading my blog posts since early part of the year, you'll know how qinuarter life ako ng bongga. More of that siguro sa year-end post ko. But yun nga, always dreaded the year 2011, even feared sa pagdating ng holidays dahil baka sad ako ng Pasko... Pero dahil sa The Secret na yan, little did I know how the mind can do wonders in the turnaround of things. I started kahit mag eend na ang taon turning my thoughts into only happy and positive things. I met new and awesome friends from blogging. I love my blog barkada and sisters! Can't wait to make kwento how we spent day before bisperas ng Pasko a bazaar for a cause! :) Ang sarap ng pakiramdam, and nung hinarana kami ng Red Cross choir, we all agreed na "Ayan na ang Christmas!".

Thank you thank you guys for making my 2011 such a memorable and lesson-filled year for me. Typing this na nateateary eyed pa ang lola nyo, haha! When I got these material things, the joy (and kahit ang tears!) came not mainly for what is inside the package, but for making me feel loved. Madrama man, pero di me sanaaay! 

I LOVE YOU! Merry Christmas to all of you, my friends!!!
I-enjoy natin to! Let's make a pact! Sumayaw tayo o magsisigaw ngayong gabi kung kelangan, basta sumaya! Walang emo ha!


"The weary world rejoices." 


  1. Weehhhh 25 ka na pala??? Lakas maka-23 ng dating mo atey!! Ganda ng shoes!!:)

  2. Ay bet ang haul mo ng shoes!! And really, you deserve those gifts, Ana! Stay beautiful inside and out ha! MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!! ♥ So happy we met nitong 2011!


  3. happy christmas indeed!!:) sayang wala akong picture kasama niyo ni momma sarah! and wow ah shoe shopping much??? PERO, DEserve na deserve mo yan, beb!!

  4. Anna! Stay happy!! You have a good heart and that's what you deserve. I feel so happy that I became close to you and Pax and we are the ones working together for better or for worse. Love you! :)


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