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Thursday, December 08, 2011

If you went to Bloggers United last Saturday, the first two girls na nameet niyo by the venue's entrance, a.k.a the registration booth girls, ay ang sister kong si Ate Kaka and Pax's Ate Patricia:
thanks Czar for the photo!
Supportive family! <3

At dahil I owe my Ate a lot for all the help during BU, I decided to let her in for a treat last Tuesday night in the new (much-raved!) restaurant in SM Megamall's Atrium: YABU: House of Katsu!

Asa second floor siya near Mesa, and Secret Recipe. Easy to find, and kahit tanungin lang sa guard alam nila. :)

The outfitey first:

 Finally wore my Inkarlcerating top again, from Karl Leuterio
Black cover up with long sides was a steal from Style Swap
Bone Earring with Black Fringe was a gift from Paul Jatayna of OS Accessories. <3

Back to Yabu...
Very minimalist ang feel:

Pictures palang nakakaexcite na, hehehe...

Love the wooden interiors, and bottles of sake all over...ang cozy lang:

To quote my beb Ava Te: "the other side of Yabu's wall (the cubed looking one) is made from cups where you drink sake!"

Cool naman nun! Ang naisip ko parang yung egg boxes sa sound room, hehe. :)

Ang cute ng walls, Japan Japan feel:

Non-stop ang pag tweet ko non (raving about the potato salad!). Then Chai Muncal tweeted back na her friend Kriss Sison did the art for the walls! :)

Ang cuuute! Very impressive!

At dahil ang tagal dumating ni Ate from work, I had my appetizers first:

Choose any two appetizers for only P175:

I had the Hiyayakko Tofu.. For my protein. Salap ng sauce:

...BUT! But ang pinaka crivecrave ko now ay ang Potato Salad!
Ang salap! Ang creamy na parang may wasabi taste. :P Ang hilig ko sa potatoes and have tried different versions of potato salad, pero eto talaga ang WINNER! 

Mahilig ako sa sawsawan. Lahat ng pwedeng idagdag o isawsaw, trinatry ko, haha. Was excited to try these.

Sighted: Melai sa dulo ng faraway table! :D Hi Melai with the new hair do! Haha!

Finally, Ate arrived! Choosing from the wide-ranged menu:
I realized that I love Japanese restos for their sushi and maki rolls, and Yabu isn't planning to add these items in their menu anytime soon. Not complaining though, I love "specialties".

Ate got her appetizers first:

She also chose the Potato Salad (sabi ko kasi para makikuha uli ako at ubos na yung sakin, hahaha), tapos yung second niya is the Wakame aka Seaweeds:
Masarap daw, though di ko na natry.

Now...On to the main course!

Ate chose sa Tonkatsu Sets:
Rosu vs Hire: Rosu yung medyo juicy dahil the slice of park has trimming of fat with it. While Hire naman thick and flaky, no fat attached.

Ate had the Hire Set, pahealthy ayaw ng taba? Haha!

Drooling yet?

Ate! Happy with her food choices! :)

Me: Sarap?
Ate: Oo! Ang crunchy sa labas tapos ang lambot nga ng meat!

Now I, the vegetarian, had a special set (not included in the menu!)

My own "katsu-katsu-han" hahaha! :D
Assorted veggies like potatoes, eggplant, and even tofu, wrapped with their special (ANG SARAP) crumbs. I can't describe the texture, basta pleasurable talaga yung kagat--tapos idagdag pa yung masarap na lasa! :D (Ok, I'm poor with food reviews, sorry! :D)

Happy kid!!!

I've read blogs about YABU before, but I didn't realize that their plates are actually TRAYS. I love the serving size, ang laki pala! They occupied na buong table namin ni ate! Haha!
My set: fruit slices, breaded mixed vegetables, unlimited shredded cabbage (the dressings are for these!), Japanese rice, some sauces and extra veggie slices na mala achara ang taste, and miso soup.

Ang weird, pero I super love the RICE! I know, sa lahat, yun pa napansin ko pero I LOVE rice, and Yabu's Japanese rice ay sobrang malagkit na malambot (madali i-chopsticks, hehe), and may tangy taste sya :

Who says vegetarians miss out on the fun? :) Thank you YABU!

Ate working on the sauce, sunod lang ako sa lead nya dahil siya ang cook sa amin, hehe:

Dikdikin ang sesame seeds:

Add the special Yabu Katsu sauce:

Dip your Katsu! (In my case, Katsu-Katsu-han, haha!)

We love YABU! I'm sure Ate had fun after a looong tiring day at the office, she deserves this!

Hello Melai and JR! :))

Met Yabu's Ms. Chris and the Chef Lee! What an honor!
Chef: "Oh Ms. Ana! You're the vegetarian! How did you like your food?"
Me: "Super sarap po!" *gushing kid*
Chef: "If you're coming back, just call before-hand and I'll prepare your dish again."

Hay, love at first visit. <3 

Have your very own YABU experience, visit and dine in their first branch in SM Megamall 2nd Floor The Atrium. No regrets going there! :)

Now craving for that special meal... :)


  1. Hi Gurl!!
    I guess kaya "tangy" yung rice kse pagkaalam ko, they cook it with Vinegar! How much yung vegan set?? looks great!!
    Can't wait to have you as our guest again fo we can add photos pa for you!
    love you!!

  2. Can't wait to try out Yabu! Magvvegetarian set din ako :)


  3. Awww bongga ng Yabu experience mo! ☺ Great treat for your ever supportive ate! Can't wait to go to Yabu!!



  4. Ang sarap sarap talaga. Hanggang ngayon takam na takam pa rin ako na matikman ulit hehe. :) Ang laki ng servings no? Uuwi ka talagang busog. :D Loved the potato salad also and the Wakame is good as well. Yun yung appetizer set ko eh. :)

    ♥♥ Megann of STYLE SURGERY

  5. Ate Mae: Interesting! Sarap talaga ng jap!

    Kaye: Looking forward to your post/reactions! :))

    Arnie: She deserves it! :))

    Megann: Salap noh! :D Try ko yun beans next time! :))


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