KEDS - Sneakers Painting Session

Sunday, December 11, 2011

After setting up my stall in the Brown Bag Market, I realized that my booth was right next to KEDS. Check out the beautifuuul creations by known personalities. I tried to guess kung kanino yung shoes... Ang cool lang when people have created they're trademark in art, truly their own ba!

Di ko muna caption-an, try to guess din kung kaninong creations to:

Artists: Danika Rio Navarro, Soleil Ignacio, CJ De Silva, Valerie Chua, and Julius Esteban! Love their works. <3

More KEDS shoes, love the blue sa dulo, yun dainty dainty ang prints <3

While I was teaching wire accessories to my 9-piece class, simultaneous na nagpepaint na sa far end corner of the room sila Ava:

Katrina of KEDS:

Our "canvass"

Art materials, and malaking papel para di mag drawing ang mga bata sa table, hehehe: 

The bloggers and the artists / teachers CJ de Silva and Cap Patawaran:
^^ Ayan yung shoes ko katabi ng cellphone ko hehehe :) White na white pa!
Started mine right after teaching! Kaya pa! :)

My highschool kabarkada Mitch came to visit me! Nakakatouch, I love my friends!

Mitch and boyfriend Erman :) Kudos to my future attorneys! Hehehe:

After a few chikahans, back to work...
Ava and Melai working on their sneaks, love their paintings! Daig si Picasso! Hehehe:

Ava's...From the colorful cotton candy shoes...

CJ de Silva gave her a peg on what to do next! ANG GANDA!

Melai's Vineyard, hehehe:

Lovet! So-her-style! :)

Aside from acrylic paint, we were also introduced to Sharpie, ang pentel na pang tela! :) LOVET!

With CJ de Silva, also known for being a Promil Kid!
CJ: Parehas kaya tayong Art Club noon.
Melai: Akala ko joke lang yung Art Club!

Hahaha, hindi ba bagay sa akin maging Art Club? We used to paint sa BIG canvass, kaya dapat keribelles lang ang sneakers:

Segue lang...Noong hindi pa uso ang tarpaulin, ang Art Club ang nagpe-paint ng backdrop for events, lalo na ang very much awaited annual concerts sa St. Scho. Sabi nga ni CJ, kami na ang most-overworked club. Haha!

Ganito kalaki yan:

Fulfilling din naman come concert night:

My favorite backdrop, yung may moon:

Thank you Cap and CJ, and to the whole KEDS team for this awesomesauce artsy activity! Sayang ang short lang ng time, I packed my sneaks at homework nalang siya. Really missed traditional art like painting, masyado na ata akong exposed sa wire art/accessories making... Sana I spend more time sa ganito naman. Sabi ko nga, hindi man bagay pero dati nag ooil paint pako hahaha. :P 

My unfinished sneaks: panay background palang to. Nung una gusto ko Starry Night ang peg. But Cap gave me the idea of a two-tone sneaks, tapos leopard ang print. <3 I've always wanted a pair of leopard flats! Plus, wearable pa siya, so YEY!
Can't wait to finish them! Will outfit post with this pair soon! :)

Like KEDS Philippines for more updates on this timeless sneaks brand!


  1. loves it! please post the final product.naku black and white...i'd totally wear your obra ana! xoxo

  2. Awww super cute nung cotton-candy inspired Keds ni Ava! And syempre I'm looking forward to see your two-toned sneakers! ♥



  3. Ang ganda! Miss ko na tuloy mag customize ng shoes and miss ko na rin Keds ko! Nasira na yung akin after years of use. hehe. :) Thanks for dropping by my blog, Ms. Anna! xx

  4. na inggit naman ako bigla sa talent nyo. haha. wala talaga akong talent sa pag paint or drawing. ang bata ng feeling ko sa sneaks ni Ava and kay Melai parang bigla ako naging solemn. Excited na ko makita leopard sneaks mo baka mapa RAWR ako. hehe. :D

    ♥ Maria

  5. haha ang serious ko naman sa corner :)) wahaha. Love our master piece, beb!

  6. JP!! Wahhh thank youuuu what an honor to hear that, coming for you! :))

    Arnie: Thank youuu! Outfitey pic to when im done with them! :))

    Val: Wow! :) Super comfy siya talaga? First KEDS ko ata to! :D

    Maria: Natawa naman ako sa SOLEMN! Hahahha! :D Naku dapat nga tigre na ang ginawa ko, rawr na rawr and very ust hahaha :)

    ava; hahaha thank you beb! let's wear them sabay sabay minsan! :) eto nanaman tayo, parang shoe etiquette lang! ;)

  7. Wow love all the designs you made for Keds, so creative!


  8. love this post, anagon! :) ang saya lang! (hi mitch and erman!)

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