Mario Maurer for Penshoppe: The Encore!

Thursday, December 15, 2011

First of all, thank you Inna Santiago of The Little Big Spender for inviting me to this Mario Maurer comeback event. This event was organized for those who weren't able to get in the jam-packed Penshoppe show during the Philippine Fashion Week. The brand flew in the beloved Thai star back in our country para everybody happy! :)

When I reached SMX, medyo reminiscent of the PFW lang ang eksena. Yun tipong, akala ko ang aga aga ko na but when I got there, ang daaaming mas maaga pa pala! ;p

Ok basag trip kaagad when I got my ticket: See #5. ;p

After a few minutes of waiting time, finally doors were opened! :-)

Still jam-packed, but more comfortable! I saw that even Sir Alex Mendoza, Penshoppe's Brand Ambassador, checked out the crowd if maaaccommodate ng venue:

Waiting time wasn't a drab and drag because of Gellie! Thank youuu for your patience kahit may sakit ako and palaging naka takip ng panyo ang ilong, haha. :P I love the great company! :)

Meanwhile, they also handed to us Signature (aka pabango ni Chuck Bass), and a magazine compilation of Mario Maurer's last Manila visit:

Havey! Ang saya lang sa pag reminisce (nuks). Nakakatuwa lang, I've read na this was one of the suggestions din before sa Tweets to Penshoppe / Publicity Asia...And look now! Meron na! :) Cool.

Then the lights dimmed (no fail sa pa-suspense effects ang Penshoppe!)

Ang heartbeat effects!

Yun pala papalabas muna yung Mario Maurer PICC fancon months ago! :)

Then finally, an intro on Christmas and smiles from Sir Alex Mendoza:

Penshoppe's Summer 2012 Collection <3

Love ko talaga yung scarf with belt over na styling:

Will you go for bright tights this summer? Why nat!

In love with the skirt and tangerine bag:

Cutie models (ok, hindi na related sa damit, haha!)

Maxi love:

This print makes me want to fast-forward to summer 2012! :) Cute ng yellow and gray <3

Still love all-things luwag-luwagan! :)

Pretty Marie in a denim dress:

Ms. Bea Soriano! Glowing in her full-puff skirt:

And then.... Ang pinakaaantay ng lahat:

Ayun! Sigawan na ng bongga katabi ko! ;D Hahaha!

The photo that made me go: "Buti hindi ko nabenta yung jacket ko!" Hahaha!

And. He's. Back.

Crowd went wild!

Then on to more Penshoppe Summer clothes:

Actually find the half-dyed apparels interesting:

Definitely a closet staple: White flowy dress <3

Alam na anong next Bora outfitey key:

Alamnyo yan, kahit men's tee susuotin ko kung ganito ba naman:

Love the big blue bag:


Ms. Kat Alano threw a cool surprise to lucky winners of a raffle! Sayang di me nanalo, hehe. ;p

Mario Maurer back onstage: 

Killer smile talaga!

Ang walang kupas na heart pose, hehe:

Then, the Penshoppe Team surprised Mario Maurer with a birthday cake! (I wonder kung ilang taon na siya, hehe)

He paused before blowing the candles:

Bonggang birthday! :) Happy birthday OhohMario!

Awww... Before leaving (again

Bye Mario!
PS: Ang ganda uli ng jacket mo a! :D <3

What.A.Night. Thank you Penshoppe for staging this encore for Mario Maurer fans. Thank you again Inna Santiago! I had a great time! :)

The outfitey:
Penshoppe "Mario Jacket"
Style Swap "Painted Dress"
The Little Thing She Needs Flats and Necklace
Dooney and Burke Bag

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  1. "Ayun! Sigawan na ng bongga katabi ko! ;D Hahaha!"

    Hahaha! The fan girl in me was set free! XD

    See you again next time, had a great kwentuhan time habang ang tagal tagal tagal mag-start. Haha! :P

  2. Waah! Di ako nakatiis, I JUST HAD TO GO NEAR THE RAMP! lol. :))

    I love the denim dress sa lahat ng collection :)

    NIce seeing you again Ana, till next time :)

  3. Great shots, Ana!! Eto yung so near yet so far feeling eh! Hahaha love it! ♥ Gwapo ni Mario baby!!!



  4. Love that they bought back Mario for those who've missed to see him live


  5. Hi I'm Emil. can i ask a favor?
    pde pa scan or pa picture nung magazine
    na binigay nung Encore, coz nanakaw sya mismo sa event.

    ang cute pa nman ni Mario dun, so I'm planning sana to reprint it para may copy rin ako ulit.

    Thanks! here' my fb:


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