Pasweet in Petit Monde

Friday, December 30, 2011

 Went to Megamall and spent my late afternoon on a retail therapy awhile ago. Ewan ko san nanggaling, pero bumabalik nanaman si Emogon. Temporary lang yan, natakot lang siguro kasi BONGGA at KAGULEY for sure ang 2012 for me! (Declaring (at sinisigaw!!!) ko ito to the universe!). (Sorry kung may pagka weird ako minsan talking to myself, hahaha, conditioning lang yan hehehe)

One of my stops was in Petit Monde for Fashion Compass. Krissy blogged about the brand and her own shop visit HERE. :) Excited to check out the latest with the brand, the last time I bought from their Festival Mall branch wala pa silang accessories, bags, shoes, and fragrances!

I am not really the type na nagsusukat ng damit, unlike a lot of people, medyo hate ko si dressing room (and si elevator and si cubicle). Other than that, medyo tamadera lang talaga me mag fit. But for this store, hindi uubrang bag or accessory lang ang kukunin ko, the clothes are just too pretty to not try!!!

First: Cute tan skirt with lace edge details:

I love the fit, super ganda ng bagsak. Ang naisip ko dito summer and lakas maka pagirl! Hehe!

Second: These Jodphur Printed Pants:

I love the floral and paisley prints, may hippie vibes! :)

And Third: White Polka Dots Sunday Dress:

Very feminine! Like!

The Verdict:
I ended up getting the skirt! :) Super comfy na, iba ibang tops and cover ups lang, bago na kaagad ang look nya! :)

After the retail therapy, on to some food therapy naman, hahaha (sorry naaaa)

Had the Meatless Moussakka in Cyma Shang, SALAP!

And although ang nasa menu nila ay solo lang ang pinaka smallest size ng Greek Salad (masyadong malaki lalo may moussakka nako), the very accommodating waiter tipped me with their side salad! :) Yehey! I love olives! :P

Back to Petit Monde, medyo hindi ako bihasa sa French so I actually translated pa ang meaning ng Monde (hehehe), and learned that Petit Monde = Small World. :) I wonder why a brand so grande was named such (nakaka curious ang story behind this a!). Anyway, while I was fitting their fun and feminine frocks, I can't help but feel like I am Alice, donned with dainty clothing, ready for a tea-time and party with the Mad Hatter in our own little mad world. :)

Thank you Petit Monde for this fun treat! :)
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  1. Balikan mo yung dress! bagay sayo! HAHA :))

    Jamie Kate

  2. Waaaah nalurks me jamie! :D Patay baka mapanaginipan ko hahahaa!

  3. Maganda yong white polka dots dress, gusto ko siya kaya lang small size ang Petit Monde,wala akong kasize dyan :(

  4. Ganda ng hippie pants, Ana! But I'm still glad you picked the skirt, bagay na bagay din sayo! ♥


  5. Glenn: In fairview on sale ko lang nakita si dress! :) Sinukat ko kasi LARGE siya!!! :))))

    Arnie: Talagey!?? :D Waaah split decision talaga, cute lahat noh! :)) Heehee!

    Number 2: WAAAH :D Lurks yang dress mumultuhin ata ako nyan at dko sya piniliiii! ;P

  6. Sobrang tagal na ng Petit Monde. :)
    Peg ko din yung skirt! Good choice on that! ;)

  7. Love all the chic and preppy clothes out there! Gotta love that polka dress on you, it looks great!


  8. You look really young here Ana! :) I thought the first picture was your younger sister! Btw, Happy New year!

  9. I like the skirt too! May pockets pa! :)


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