(Birthday - Blues) + Happy

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Pink loose top with nice lace deets c/o For Me
Floral Shorts - Thrifted
Pine Green Satchel c/o Paisley Clothing
Two-tone Flats c/o The Little Thing She Needs
Swallow Necklace - Gift
Basic Watch c/o SM

I was late kanina para sa meet up namin ni Ana in Makati. Was supposed to meet her ng 5, but sira na ata talaga ang time management skills ko. :P Anyway, I love it when friends text me and want to meet up! Bihira ako magyaya dahil nahihiya ako mang abala ng tao (I am weird like dut), so whenever I get invitations from my close friends, natotouch talaga meee! :) 

Took this opportunity for an (advance birthday) dinner with my sister forever in Banana Leaf GB3! :) 
I've known this girl since grade school! 

More chikas in Starbucks, na ang daming nasisight lang na nakakabother na p*k p*k (Calling Greenbelt authorities!!)

Daming chikahang ganap, and isa dun was how I plan to not make any plans for my "birthday eve" this year. Isang pruweba ng weirdness ko is how I treat night before my birthday as if nag aantay ako ng Pasko o Bagong Taon... Kelangan may ganap! And minsan, mas eventful pa kesa day mismo ng birthday ko!

These are all the January 19s of the past years that I made a big deal out of the night before my birthday:

Still in UST, 1611 classic inuman place with some college friends.

Fresh grad. Bollywood shisha birthday salubong with my high school friends.

Feeling mayaman Sofitel overnight with the Crazy Gonzales.

Citigarden inuman and pizza party while waiting for12am with the Bullies. 

 Music21 Videoke with high school barx till my birthday, & then hotel sleepover with my Bullies.

No plans na. Or pa?

Parang in fear of having a plain boring sad birthday, pinaghahandaan ko sya talaga. As in, willing ako gumastos noon para lang masaya! BUT now that I am turning 26, narealize ko I have to try something else. Sana sapat na sa akin yung I am with my family. Sana mahanap ko yung happiness even without the frills. The happenings are GREAT, and I am happy and thankful to have done all these parties and shizz with the best people in my life... Pero now, sana mahanap ko yung contentment and happiness inside of me, and not sa mga nangyayari around me. Sana I spend this day grateful for the blessings our Lord gave to me not just for this single day, but for my whole life for the past 26 years. And of course... Sana happy na ako knowing na birthday ko. And I do think that that reason is more than enough to delete the BLUES and add the Happy in Birthday :)



  1. Happy birthday Ate Ana! Keep blogging about your crazy adventures and lacuachas, may your inspirations bring forth more art creations, may your experiences bring forth more insights, may you be happy!

    From a fan! =)

  2. babe, you are such a great person, you should be very happy with the way you turned out and i'm sure your parents are very proud of you, have a great 2012! love you :)

    1. Thanks saraaaah!!! Happy to have you guys nun nag 25 ako!:)) love you too!!! Happy pill! Hahaha!;D

  3. Buti na lang I'm eating while reading this post! Di ako masyado nag-starve! Haha! Anyway, alam mo we're the same. Super prepare ako for my birthday like magn-NY or Christmas. Kalurks! Pero the fact lang na love na love ka ng people around you, malaking bagay na to make yourself happy. Cheers, friend!!! ♥♥


    1. Hahaha!!! Hi Arnie!!:) thank you!!! Benta ang sarap lang ng curryyy yum yum!;p hehehe

  4. I pray that you find pure joy in everything, even in simple things.. :) Happy Birthday!! :D

  5. True, meym. Contentment indeed is the philosophy behind happiness. Happy birthday (advanced haha) and enjoy!!! Happy 2012!!!

    1. Maraming salamat Jonver! :) I will! Happy New Year to you too!:)

  6. "Parang in fear of having a plain boring sad birthday, pinaghahandaan ko sya talaga. As in, willing ako gumastos noon para lang masaya!"

    Aw, I'm like that, too! I don't like bdays very much haha lalo na malapit sa pasko bday ko, medyo hindi free and/or busy mga tao. So, sad, sad. :( But anyway! I hope you have fun and find your inner peace & contentment on your birthday! You deserve it :)

    1. Ang hirap ng near Pasko noh! :D Karelate yan! Ako naman parang tapos nadin mga tao sa pag gastos and party! :P Anyway, it will be a happy day for us, asa sa atin pala yung decision na yun! :)))

  7. Hope you think of the perfect way to spend your birthday eve sis, bongga man or simple basta the day is all about YOU! :) I remember my own 25th birthday last year, na super wala akong plano tapos friends ko pala nag-plan for me. Best birthday ever and thanks for being a part of it!!! :)

    PS: Excited ako for Feb 18 yayyyy! :D


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