That Japanese Coffee Shop: Akiba Cafe

Friday, January 13, 2012

I love being with the Open Ricers! Always kwela and ang laidback lang. And of course, foodies kung foodies! Yesterday (as blogged here), spent my (much-loved) coffee break with the team and my blog friend Sarah T aka Ms. Eggplant (hehe) in AKIBA Cafe in SM Megamall:

First one to reach the place! Had a hard time looking for it, then I learned na it's a new cafe! 

AKIBA Cafe is located sa 2nd floor of Megamall Bldg A. Sa likod siya ng Spam Jam, near Payless (magandang landmark to, hehe)

I love that it is not your usual crowded, hyped coffee shop. And quaint and dainty ng feel nya, with the wooden walls and floors. It's a concept cafe daw -- everything inspired by Japan's coffee shops in AKIBA (a place in this country pala na tech and coffee shops district, please confirm Ashley Dy?;)). 

Cute nun TV, very Japanese feel nga:

Kristian of Akiba Cafe welcomed us to their fine coffee place, and introduced us to the brand and what they offer:

Drinks Haven!

 Open Ricers Khaezel and Dani with my blogger sister Sarah, are you ready!? :D

Here are the AKIBA CAFE must-tries that we luckily get to umm try! Yeah! Haha! :D

Hot coffee, forever my favorite! 
 Macadamia-flavored cappuccino with sesame seeds on top, which gave it a unique twist to our usual hot beverage - P115 / 130

 The BEST! Not a green tea fan before, but this cake made me a CONVERT! P1200 whole / P130 slice

Perfect match:

Cold coffee:
 P110 / 125

 Best  to order this with your drink, for only P35!

First time to appreciate GREEN TEA!
 P80 / 90
I love the taste of this drink! Ang soothing and smooth ng feel nya, and with that parang mapupunta siya sa list of comfort foods ko, haha! Notable din ang temperature... Hindi suuuper init na nakakapaso inumin!

Sarah Got Milk? Nyahaha:

If you want it cold (lalo na pa summer na)...
 P90 / 100

The Matcha Trifle Tea is AKIBA's cold refreshing fresh tea topped with original Japanese trifle cream!

The interesting yogurt drink:
 P120 / 130
Healthy ice-blended yogurt drink with whipped cream on top.

And lastly, the Azuki Bean:

More than a coffee place, they also serve these goodies:

I am not good in reviewing foods (sakin basta nakakain ko, masalap! Haha!), so do read Sarah Tirona's very pro review of each AKIBA drink we had HERE.

 And since hindi naman talaga ako food critique, here's my "commoner" (hahaha) say of the place: I love that it is not crowded, so I will definitely go back in AKIBA CAFE when I am in Megamall and I need my daily caffeine intake or para tumambay or if pagod na kakaikot ng mall. In fact, I'll recommend this coffee shop to my sistahs Pax and Melai when we hold our next Bloggers United meeting in this mall! Love the service too, very prompt, friendly, and accommodating (lalo na pag hihingi ka ng tubig, e ako si tubig haha). Thank you Kristian for taking care of our group during our visit! My personal favorites are AKIBA CAFE's hot beverages-- So remember Nutty Macadamia or hot Green Tea when you tryout this place! :)

...Very true! :)) 

And with that....
Bottom's up!

Akiba Cafe on Facebook and Twitter
2nd Floor SM Megamall Building A



  1. I wanna try too! their drinks and pastries are so healthy :)


  2. Seems like a great coffee and catch-up place...sayang i didn't get to try it..
    But it brings Japan closer to the Philippines

    1. true! catch up and tambay place! :))) all auth from japan the ingredients din that they used for their drinks! :)

  3. nice interior! and those drinks look yummy nga! :)

    1. true! :D ang cozy ng feel hihi! and mura na right? :)

  4. wanna try...super fave ko ang green tea flavor cake or beverage kahit green tea ice cream gusto ko rin (^_^)

    1. ay infer i love green tea ice cream din! :) bihira drink, but yun dito sa akiba ok! :D and cake! hihi! :))

  5. Wow. Japanese Cafe! Cheaper din than UCC. Will try this. :)



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