The Beauty and Butter Experience!

Thursday, February 09, 2012

Finally got some much-deserved Me-Time! Went to Beauty and Butter in SM Megamall--na hindi mo mamimiss-out with it's cute "butter-like" exteriors:

In my line of job, I always abuse my hands from making gazillion wire art orders. My feet ang pumapangalawa sa abuse (hindi nalalayo!) because they take me to places ng commute! I guess now is the perfect time to spoil them.

Went in and was greeted with cheery "Buttercups"! :)

One cannot not love the look of Beauty and Butter. Ang pop-art ng feel! :) 

Loving the graphics prints all over their walls, and the flat screen TVs on both sides of the salon. Watched Zac Efron's Seventeen Again during my 2-hour treatment. The one and only movie for me na ang pogi lang talaga nitong Efron kid. Lol.

Favorite scenes, haha:

Back to the salon, I love their color scheme: Rainbow bright ang peg! Happy vibes lang. They also told me that guys are not intimidated to enter the salon because of the "co-ed" interiors:

I also find it cool that everything is installed na for every station: May sariling seat na for the Buttercups, throw pillows, low sinks for foot spa (not the usual separate de-saksak nanginginig na tubs), foam covers pag pedicure lang, and hot/cold water source for each sink.

Like most of the fine nail salons, Beauty and Butter also uses branded nail polishes like Orly and Revlon (also for sale):

They are also the only salon that caries the Orly GelFX:

Another Orly product: Sparitual. I chose my nail color from this collection dahil I got attracted with its Vegan feature. Hindi daw nakaka yellow ng nails!

Beauty and Butter's Ms. Kwey Landayan made me try out their new promo:

For a different, but still oh so sweet, kind of date why not skip the usual movie/dinner combo and head to Beauty and Butter for some quality bonding time. Treat yourself and your loved one to a “LOVER’S PARADISO” package. A total pampering session complete with manicure, pedicure, and a foot spa FOR TWO! The moisture intensive foot spa paradiso is sure to leave your soles soft and smooth, playing footsies under the sheets sure can’t be helped. 

Set yourself up for a night of bliss, book the Lover’s Paradiso package for only P1500 per couple. 
Take note, hindi kailangang mag-jowa talaga. You can go there and treat (or ikaw magpa treat, lol) your mom, sister, or your BFF! :) Meaning, the Lover's Paradiso is for jsut about any pair!

Sayang I went there alone, but I got to try the Foot Spa Paradiso! My Buttercup Ms. Jen showed to me the different products they use for the treatment:

The scrubs felt sooo good! I also got a free leg-and-foot massage! :)

Another cool thing about Beauty and Butter is it's overall pampering experience...Hindi lang yun treatment and the movie...Aside from the free WiFi, you can also use their 5 iPads for free para hindi ka mainip! How I wish they have this din sa hair coloring salons! Nice one! :)
Gamesss! Hehe! 

Aside from surfing and playing, I also took lots of time choosing what color I'll have for my nails. Ang dami!

Options: Optical Illusion, Looking Glass, and Crystal Eyes...

Also thought of getting Street Smart, but I ended up with GOLD DIGGER! :) Because I'm a Golden Girl! Lol.

Ms. Jen, after applying moisturizer, wrapped my legs and feet para total-absorption:

They also have these socks-like machine wrap, na may slight heat, para mas lumambot ang feet:

 At habang nangyayari yan:

 Ms. Jen is kind enough to give me a manicure while waiting:

Thank you so much Ms. Jen for taking care of me during the whole pamper time! :)

They also have Hand Dryers!

With Ms. Jen, my Buttercup!: )

With the pretty Ms. Kwey Landayan, Sales and Marketing Manager for Beauty and Butter! :)

Aside from the services, they also have their own products like soaps, makeups, and other beauty must-haves:

Shelves of good beauty products for sale!

Beauty and Butter also have Nail Art Services:

Check out their affordable rates! I love that they are more than just a nail salon---They also have full-body massages, scrubs, waxing services, facials, and more!

Thank you Beauty and Butter!

Because you DESERVE it!

SM Megamall: 5/F Bldg. B, 470-4239 * SM San Lazaro: 2/F, 353-7576 * SM Mall of Asia: 2/F South Wing * SM City Cebu: 2/F North Wing, 236-9113


  1. Cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuute!! <3 Might try it tomorrow!! <3

  2. Super cozy ng feel kahit bonggang artsy ang area! :) Would love to try there out soon. Bongga friend! ♥


  3. I looooove Beauty and Butter and the free Ipad use! :D

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