Carlos Celdran Walk This Way: INTRAMUROOOOS!

Monday, February 20, 2012

A few weeks ago, I met up with Pax and Mich on a lazy Sunday so we could experience the famous Carlos Celdran Intramuros tour. I was really excited for this learning experience that I said go tayo kahit tayong three lang-- and true enough although a lot backed out from this supposed "field trip field tripan", it was actually one of the most memorable experiences I had with Pax. :)

We met up in the fancy resto Ilustrado, the first food place I saw when my cab entered the arch with the Welcome to Intramuros sign:

A few minutes after I finished my molo, Pax and Mich arrived and we decided na simulan na ang kodakan! :D

Comfy footwear, tour-ready!

We ate (again, in my case, haha) in an eatery near the meeting place:
Pax and Mich:

Neat toys na I'd insist to my mom to buy for me if kid pa ako, hehe:

Then we entered through the gates:

I know I've been here na before, but with a whole new company and a whole new perspective, parang the place turns new all over again! :) I love it!

Don't get lost! Spot the tour assistants wearing a nice black bowler hat:

We finally saw our tour-mates! Love the porma of one of the tourists hehe:

Payment made before proceeding with the tour. P1100 for Adult, and P600 only for the lucky students:

Hear Ye! Hear Ye!

Then our rather huge group gathered around "The Pied Pipier of Manila"!

We began with the National Anthem:

I wouldn't be talking too much about the tour deets, because you have to experience it yourself! Just a sneak peek through photos:

Visual aide overload! :)

I love the music that comes from an old school stereo while we walk from one point to next!

A nice mix of crowd, or "classmates"! :)

The original Jose Rizal books!

Best company ever: Mich and Pax! :)
Pax: Di ka naman naleleft out sa amin e diba!?
Me: Hindi! Saya nyo nga e!
Pax: Si Mich pa naleleft out satin!

I love the costume changes according to the era

The very Pinoy chocnut treats for everybody!

We also rode a kalesa!!!

The dramatic part of the tour: Japanese occupation...

Site of the former Ateneo school:

Skater Boys

A cute tram... I feel like I'm in another counchry ;P

The San Agustin Church:

Insert Carlos Celdran humor here: "Ok you can go ahead and take your pictures there, I can only stay up to right here!" :D Panalo!

Kelan wedding? Joke lang Pax! ;D

Then off we go to a nearby resto... for Halo-Halo!

Then we proceeded with the talk on why we Filipinos and our culture is like the Halo-Halo, or Mix-Mix!

Ended the tour with photo ops!

Met new blog friends who also joined the tour! :)

It was an inspiring 3-hour walk. Sulit! It is moving, and it made me look back on all my history classes (a subject I super loved before). And of course, it sparked that shadowed love and pride for my own country. 

God bless the Philippines!


  1. How awesome! I've heard about him and his tour really sounds cool! :D

  2. Wow! Now I'm thinking to bring my niece to this Carlos Celdran Intramuros Tour :)

  3. Sayang, wala na akong oras to do this. I really want pa naman, kaso ang daming plans. Hindi ko masingit. :(

  4. Aw! I bet it was so amazing. When I was in grade school we had a field trip there and being the pasaway I am lumapit ako dun sa "underwater prison" - napadpad po ba kayo dun? Haha basta yun! Nostalgic! And I actually stepped on Rizal's steps - mahaba rin for a kid haha!

    Almira :)

  5. Yung site po ng ateneo noon, sabi nila madami daw pong hidden treasures sa ilalim. Hihi! Super worth it po talaga mag tour in Intramuros :-)

  6. Everyday, I'm Intramuros because I study there. Pero I feel like I still have a lot to discover pa with the place. So glad you went again there, babe! :) Saya and super sulit for sure! ♥ Galing ni Sir Carlos Celdran!


  7. Thank you for your comments guys! Hope you tried the "field trip" na! :)


Your turn! Always excited to read your comments! :)