Livin' La Vida Imelda by Carlos Celdran

Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Decided to spend the a different Tuesday night with multi-media projector, visual aids, actors, and a great story teller ... for the meantime I replaced my nightly teleseryes with Livin' La Vida Imelda by Carlos Celdran:

Livin' La Vida Imelda is Philippines in the 60s-70s, aka Pinas during the Marcos Regime. It is not only on politics, I also enjoyed the juicy trivia and stories that happened during those years--all revealed through the lively narration of the modern Pied Piper Sir Carlos. Nakakaloka!

Circling around the story of the First Lady Imelda Marcos, the show tapped serious topics like cultural identity and democracy, and the intriguing deets on Imelda and Hollywood influences and the Ms. Universe, and the famous structures built during Marcos' presidency--and the stories that come with each of them. Really interesting.

There are lots of "gossips", and I mean a lot. "Myths" that involved Imelda or Ferdinand Marcos that up till now we will never know if they really happened. I wouldn't be posting them here para maintriga kayo hehe...Worth watching!

I super love the visuals of a Carlos Celdran Show...Whether during our Intramuros tour (I'll blog about this din soonest), and even during this "play". Kung baga sa painting, "mix media" ang ginamit dito! Here's Sir Carlos using the screen as if tap screen sya...parang iPad!

 Lots of groovy dances and retro songs during the entire 3-hour performance:

Standing ovation from tonight's audience!

The technical team, really did a great job in making an over-all impact in the experience:

The night caused a stir to my common perceptions on the supposed basic facts that happened in our history. The show didn't really aim for us to change our views and love Imelda overnight, but it exposes details that will make you think. Definitely an eye-opener. Well, there really is more in our country's past that were skipped by our history books.

Let us continue learning! Experience the Carlos Celdran magic every 8pm at the Silverlens Gallery, 2/F YMC Building II, 2320 Chino Roces Extension Makati. For the sched, check out this page.
Tickets are for P800, while for the lucky studyantes P400 lang! 

Note to commuters: Take MRT to Magallanes. There are Chino Roces jeeps at the side of the Alphaland Mall--so no need to take the cab! :)

Thank you again Pax and Mich for the great company! :) 


  1. I remember watching the short film "Imelda" back in college! Very, very interesting :)

    Miss you sis!

  2. Krissy: I remembered that you posted about it din!!!


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