Happy List 3.12.2012

Monday, March 12, 2012

1) Have you joined this giveaway? Candy is giving away THREE limited edition Candymag tees HERE!
Show them how much of a Candy Girl are you!

2) Received this cutie Candy charm bracelet from Summit Media! The (Certified!) Candy Girl in me got so excited! I miss the good times of being a teen!
Want your own bracelet? Candymag's March ish includes the bracelet with a camera charm...Collect the other three charms in succeeding months!

3) Better late than never! Proud to have my beb Ava Te of as Anagon's Blogger of the Month!
How can I not choose this cute fashionista--whose first outfit post in Chictopia includes Anagon Collection!

4) A funny Blast from the past sighting yesterday in Festival Mall:

5) Open Happiness! Been years since I last drank a whole can of Coke, ang sarap nga pala nya!

6) I love our dogs! Meet our sweet askal, Ting! :)

7) Thank you Bench for this box of Patchi chocolates! I fell in love with these goodness, but they're too expensive! Sana hindi ako maadik! :P

8) Anagon Collection's Supersale online!
Selling the Anagon items I sold during the Supersale Bazaar few weekends again! Checkout our hair accessories, funky frames, and boater hats here:

9) Saturday hangout with my blog sisters: Ava, Sarah, and Angel!
Failed plans due to unexpected circumstances didn't dampen our day--not with these girls! Glad to have spent Saturday in GH with these crazy kids!

10) I am now on Enstyle! :)

I know! I am years too late for this, but I am not really fond of managing too many accounts (I have too many nadin to begin with! :D). Might not be a Chictopia and Lookbook user, but gave Enstyle a try since it's just another "extension" of my FB account. :) Add me up here:

Have a great week guys!


  1. OMG natawa ulit ako dun sa Bl@st! Hahahaha. OMG TALAGA. Can't. Believe. It. You always know how to make my day, Ana!

  2. I wants the hat and the shades and the charm bracelet looks cute Ana! :)

  3. Hi! I wonder why I can't seem to see your new collection on multiply? Thanks :) Those are too pretty to ignore.

    The Pink Margarita

  4. Krissy: alam mo naaa! :) MWah!

    Gellie: Yehey thank youuu!

    The Pink Margarita: WAAH! Why kaya? :P


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