Happy List 3.12.2012


1) Have you joined this giveaway? Candy is giving away THREE limited edition Candymag tees HERE!
Show them how much of a Candy Girl are you!

2) Received this cutie Candy charm bracelet from Summit Media! The (Certified!) Candy Girl in me got so excited! I miss the good times of being a teen!
Want your own bracelet? Candymag's March ish includes the bracelet with a camera charm...Collect the other three charms in succeeding months!

3) Better late than never! Proud to have my beb Ava Te of www.artsyfartsyava.blogspot.com as Anagon's Blogger of the Month!
How can I not choose this cute fashionista--whose first outfit post in Chictopia includes Anagon Collection!

4) A funny Blast from the past sighting yesterday in Festival Mall:

5) Open Happiness! Been years since I last drank a whole can of Coke, ang sarap nga pala nya!

6) I love our dogs! Meet our sweet askal, Ting! :)

7) Thank you Bench for this box of Patchi chocolates! I fell in love with these goodness, but they're too expensive! Sana hindi ako maadik! :P

8) Anagon Collection's Supersale items...now online!
Selling the Anagon items I sold during the Supersale Bazaar few weekends again! Checkout our hair accessories, funky frames, and boater hats here: www.anagoncollection.multiply.com

9) Saturday hangout with my blog sisters: Ava, Sarah, and Angel!
Failed plans due to unexpected circumstances didn't dampen our day--not with these girls! Glad to have spent Saturday in GH with these crazy kids!

10) I am now on Enstyle! :)

I know! I am years too late for this, but I am not really fond of managing too many accounts (I have too many nadin to begin with! :D). Might not be a Chictopia and Lookbook user, but gave Enstyle a try since it's just another "extension" of my FB account. :) Add me up here: http://apps.facebook.com/enstyle/user/view/id/15534

Have a great week guys!


  1. OMG natawa ulit ako dun sa Bl@st! Hahahaha. OMG TALAGA. Can't. Believe. It. You always know how to make my day, Ana!


  2. I wants the hat and the shades and the charm bracelet looks cute Ana! :)

  3. Hi! I wonder why I can't seem to see your new collection on multiply? Thanks :) Those are too pretty to ignore.

    The Pink Margarita

  4. Krissy: alam mo naaa! :) MWah!

    Gellie: Yehey thank youuu!

    The Pink Margarita: WAAH! Why kaya? :P


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