Postura Day 2 : What is truly "Proudly Pinoy"? + Vern's Surprise Party!

Friday, March 23, 2012

Went to a Bloggers United meeting yesterday so I thought of wearing my pants again. I love my shorts haha but suddenly I have days now when I have to look decent, so:

Polka dots teal headband - Anagon
Lace blush pink top - Baguio Ukay
Skinny black jeans - Human Jeans
Orange ballet flats with brown bow deets - Ferretti
Yellow Bag - Bangkok market

Decided to wear the pale pink top I scored in an ukay during our Baguio trip weeks ago, which costs around P30 lang ata! :D From this pastel number, I thought of going for other pastel and fun colored pieces like my dots headband, bag, and flats:

Proudly Pinoy: My Ferretti flats! It is super comfy, and had this velvety texture. So it's cuteness is beyond this unusual shoe-color choice! :)

Recently, because of this Postura Project, I wonder how one would say that a piece from your outfit is really "Pinoy", what if:

- Gawa ko nga yung headband, but the cloth and the headband base are all from Bangkok or China. But I did put them together and I am proudly pure Pinoy!

- How about my skinny black jeans, I am not even sure where Human Jeans brand source their materials or have their clothing produced, but still--the brand is proudly Pinoy!

- Or in a weird case, what if the materials naman ang proudly Pinoy, like an abaca bag made by an American designer? :D Will this still fall in the criteria of being Proudly Pinoy?

Wala lang, just some random thoughts! :)

Anyway, after the meeting, I was able to catch Hunger Games in GB3 even though I don't have anyone with me. To waste time narin, since my next lakad was 9pm pa. Much more convenient though, I realized, that when you're alone and want to watch a movie:

1) You don't need to consult another person re schedule.
2) It isn't hard to get the good seat when buying for your ticket. In fact, I was able to get the BEST seat--gitnang seat and row na hindi masyado sa harap. 

After the movie (na naiyak ako haha) went to Barcino Greenbelt for Vern's surprise birthday celebration!

Her sweet sister Verniece dmed me on Twitter last week regarding the schedule, and then after a few changes in venue, we were able to push through! Ang cool is that Vern was super clueless daw, so success! :D

Vern's boyfriend Dondi was also part of the surprise! :)

Of course we had the lights turned off, we sang the birthday song, and of course we had chocolate cake for the birthday girl! :)

There were hugs...

Wine party...

Meeting some of Vern's friends (and--not in photo--Vern's family!)

Group picture! :) Happy bunch, we love you Vern!!!

Baguio girls represent! :D Haha!

With the blogger kids: Verniece, birthday girl Vern, Bjorn, Tracy, Pax, and Ava! :)

Ang sweet nila: The Enciso Sisters! :) <3 Pretty girls inside and out, I tell you! :)

I wonder how it feels like to be surprised! :D Sigh, parinig ko to sa friends and family ko, and syempre sa future boyfriend ko, lol. That will be the day! :)

Happy birthday Vern! :) I love you!


  1. Hahaha. Sa birthday mo, bibigyan kitang malaking cake na may boy sa loob. Topless pa. Para ma-surprise ka talaga! :p

  2. Angel: NOOOO wholesome surprise only! hahaha! fireworks pede din hahaha!


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