Supersale Bazaar March 2012!

Tuesday, March 06, 2012

My outfitey for SuperSale Bazaar's first day (Friday). I was SUPER excited for this 3-day summer bazaar because I just won the stall in the bloggers category which I did not expect! Usually I really pay for Anagon Collection's booth space for 6 years already on prime bazaars, that's why Supersale Bazaar and Bloggers United are special to me because I can sell my preloved garbs and promote my brand without thinking of my rent, plus as a blogger!

I didn't even see the tweet announcing the bloggers who won free booths, a really nice buyer just texted me that I got in! Ang cute and that's why I love my clients so much!
Swing Sister!
Still on 50s mode:
Polka dots polo - Department Store
Denim Skirt - Cotton On
Red Flats - Parisian
Gold Earrings - Bugis Singapore
Pink Handkerchief used as hair tie

Some photos from the coolest bazaar:

With my twin Reg Rodriguez of, and one of the owners of Peace Love Fashion

With Yshy, a dear blog friend :)

My ever supportive mother dear, who spent the WHOLE Friday with me!

They have veggie burger, yehey for food variety Supersale!

Welcome to my stall, where I sold boater, floppy, fedora, and bowler hats....

...And very summer nautical headbands!

Round and printed sunglasses from Anagon Collection, just perfect for the coming HOT months!

Sbarro cheese and white cheese pizza were this bazaar's lifesavers

Can't live without my hot coffee (lalo pag antok / groggy na!)

Meet Tati Buendia, the face behind BUBBLES. She's just one of my few accessories seller friends because Tati doesn't compete--we both have our own different leagues :) I also look up to her in terms of providing jobs to more people! :)

Look what she got me from her hometown: Yummy Butter Scotch! :D

Second and third day was shared with my blogger bff Pax, or Aisa Ipac of :)
Never a dull moment with this girl, kahit tulog natatawa ako!

With the ever supportive Paul of and of course, Mich! Who gave the BIGGEST help to me and Pax during the bazaar...THANK YOU!

Pax and I always buy manggang hilaw for dessert, haha:

Fun Saturday because we had LOTS of bisistas!
Sarah of and Ava of came to support (with cutie Athan!), plus Aie of sold items with us that day!

Saturday Lineup: Fashionista Commuter Blog, Drowning Equilibriums Blog, Archive Clothing, Anagon Collection, and In Aie's Shoes Blog!

I love these girls forever! And of course, si Athan din...kahit he thinks Zombies kaming lahat that day! ;D Hahaha!

Meet my neighbors!

To my left was the La Petite Filles booth of Anne Solomon and Nikki Sunga! I love these sweet kids! Aside from super creative nila (check out their accessories!!!)...benta pa nila sakin! ;)

Anne's brand: Superfluously!

And Nikki's Ruckus!

Farther left was Scene Stealer's Lissa Kahayon's stall! I lovet, naririnig ko may items syang P20! :D

Tulog nalang tayo? ;) Hehe!

A fellow entrep (and Instagramer! ;)) Jho Tengson! We first met in Supersale December 2011!

Far front of our stall was this really witty gaming area:

While all the girlfriends shop till they drop, they left their boys here!

Haha, parang playpen lang! ;)

Vern and her bro dropped by last Sunday! Not in pic: the milk-white Verniece!

With Vern and Paul! :)

At dahil walang pic with JL Ladrido of Only the Marvelous Blog and Glitterati (hehe) :
Posting my Supersale Bazaar great finds next!

Still on Supersale High! Came Monday, I still woke up early, an off-shoot of the three consecutive days that I had to get up at around 6am just to reach the World Trade Center by 9am. A new day entailed setting up again (mas mahirap ang accessories set up than clothes dahil mabutingting!). Tyaga tyaga lang! Sabi nga ni Nikki: "Gorabelles lang!" ;)

But I had the most awesome time! Will never forget the food tripping with Pax, chikahan with the blog barkada and neighbors, and of course interacting with lovely girls who really came all the way to the bazaar just to say hi (and give us a hug! :)) You made me love being a blogger more, and of course, being a tindera! A big thank you and CONGRATS to the organizers of the Supersale Bazaar, to Ms. Kato Chua and JL Ladrido, for this very organized, well-promoted, and successful bazaar!

Till next!


  1. Wasn't able to attend the Super Sale Bazaar. Was in tipid mode biglaan... xP

  2. Hindi ako pumupunta ng supersale para shop, pumunta ako para sainyo haha!:))

  3. Same with Ava!! Hahaha I went there to support you guys! Super love love love lang! ♥ Bonus na lang ang shopping from (ika nga ni Pax) "temptation island" ♥ Great to see you, friendship!



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