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Saturday, April 28, 2012

"Before, every time I go out, I would ask my mom if I look good, and she'll say are ugly, have you sprayed on your perfume? And then I'll remember putting on my scent, and feel that I am a handsome guy already."

I love this anecdote from Sir Arnaud Marolleau, international fragrance expert and guest speaker of Prestige Brands Masterclass in a scentsational talk last April 25 at the Romulo Cafe, Jupiter St., Makati.

The beautiful Ms. Issa Litton hosting the affair:

 I picked up quite a lot of new points from this cool French guy. Sharing some of them to you!

Have you heard of Musk, Ambergris, and Civette in in your perfume?

They are actually from animals, some old-time components of perfume, which are actually:

Musk - Bull balls sweat
Ambergris - whale sperms
Civette - Cat piss

But fortunately for us:

...They do not use animal by-products in perfumes anymore. So instead of using real bull balls sweat, whale sperms, and cat piss, the experts make synthetic versions through a great invention (that copies scents) called the Head Space.

These are the most popularly imitated scents that people really go ga-ga with:
For the women: Baby smell!
For the men: Smell of new car!

Ms. Issa amazed with the tidbits and trivia from Sir Arnaud!

More interesting points:

  • Another thing is that "Humidity is the vampire of scents"--and living in a very humid country, the dragging power of our perfume lasts a bit shorter compared to using it in colder climates or if you stay in an air conditioned room.

  • Scents change your mood. So if you want to feel something specific, choose a perfume that would help you become that. One example was, if you want to appear business-y, serious, and ready for a job, you have to spritz on a woody, oriental scent.

  • Meaning, you don't have to have just one "signature", "this is me!" perfume. You can have as many as you want, and use them as your INVISIBLE ACCESSORY everyday. :) 

A demo and Dos and Don'ts on spraying your scent:


I'm an Aquarius! And you are?

We then toured around and checked out the different perfume brands of Prestige:

Shoeholics! This one's for you: Nine West's new perfume that goes with....

...A pair of classic black pumps!

Cute newspaper printed umbrella!

Super giddy that we took home some of Prestige Brands Philippines' perfumes by Oscar de la Renta, Mont Blanc Legend, Moschino I Love Love, and Versace Yellow Diamond!

Currently into Moschino I Love Love, care to share your favorite scents? :)


  1. Coach Poppy all the way! And haha, Paul was telling us about that bull's ballsweat thing. Hindi ako makapaniwala coz favorite ko talaga yung musk na J.Lo. He forgot to mention that they don't use it na pala!!! Gosh. Haha. Anywaaaaay, sarap naman ng free perfume. *cough* SHARE *cough*

  2. Moschino I Love Love! i've been using for years! aylaaaaabeeeet!


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