Posh and Pamper Day with the Artsy Ava! :)

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

After checking out the Posh Nails Easter Party for the kids, we headed to the nearby Ali Mall for some pamper-time:

The cutie Athan stayed with us all the time, hyper till night! Athan and Posh Nails' teddy bear:

Since I already made a Posh Nails kwento months ago, made this a little different: (aka ang adik ko gumawa ng amateur vids  kahit walang nanunuod, haha) Watch! (Please! Haha, nag makaawa na ;p)

So sweet of Posh Nails, Easter treats for every guest:

 Thank you to the POSH NAILS Ali Mall team for accommodating us even on such a busy day! :)

Met up with Pax and Mich to grab dinner and then kape in Gateway:

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