Watch me dance the "Baliw Baliwan" Dance Craze!

Saturday, April 14, 2012

LOL! Nakakahiya!!!! Nakapost nato for everyone to see!!!! Hahaha! 
Naku I admire the bloggers who can groove-et, ang cucute nila!
Pero pag dating sakin, basag trip! ;D

Oh well! It was still a cool experience, and something to show off to my future kids, yun tipong pag BV yung buong household, papakita ko lang tong vid nato I am sure PATAWA tong Dance Craze nato! Lol. Kidding aside, I would like to send my BIG THANK YOU to all those who voted and supported me throughout this campaign. Natoutouch ako sa bawat tweets and comments na may "Babawi tayo!", "Hahabol po tayo, Ate!", or even yung "This is the boyfriend of blabla, my girlfriend made me vote for you"...Gusto ko maiyak guyz!

I know we are faraway from making the top 3, but still, winner na ang feeling ko sa 200+ loves I got just because of this humble online home / tambayan. Naaappreciate ko lahat nyan (teary eyed and all), I don't know how I will ever repay you all. Like what I will always say and wouldn't get tired of repeating: Thank you for making me feel that I've been a friend to you through this blog. And with those emo lines, let's end this post naman with some happy vibes: Isa namang sample ng Baliw Baliwan Dance Craze dyan! Kembot, kembot, salu-saludo, kembot pa, sabay wiggle! LOL!


  1. Ana, you're so cute talaga! Love it! Mamaya get all of the bloggers to do your dance by the pool para masaya! :D

  2. haha! ang cuuuute! i don't know, but i'm smiling the whole time i was watching the video! nakakatanggal nga ng BV! iloveit! <3 --following you now!


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