Mother's Day Dinner: Ganso Shabuway!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Looking for a Mother's Day dinner place last Sunday was crazy. The family had minor arguments as to where we can peacefully dine and enjoy mom's special day, but every restaurant in ATC was fully booked. I stayed in Jamba Juice with Cea, while Ate waited for the first restaurant to text her. After awhile, finally we got a text from Ganso-Shabuway, the first to notify that a free table was reserved for us.

I am not into hot pot, but I really appreciate the neatness of a Japanese restaurant. I love the simple and clean set-up, I enjoy using my chopsticks, and although we got an outdoor "veranda" spot (better than waiting for another hour for a table!), I actually didn't feel any discomfort.

A built-in electric stove in front of us:

They served two types of dipping sauce for each of us (refillable pa). The server explained the interesting mixture enhancers (a great interaction with the customers): sweet sesame sauce--best when mixed with garlic, and  the sweet and sour ponzu sauce--recommended with the green onions and spicy carrots.

For the soup, you have a choice of the Traditional Seaweed Broth or the Spicy Miso Broth. They also have an option of getting half-half (parang yin yang! :)), and as first timers in this place, we opted to try both:

Ate, who paid for the bill, ordered for the set meal which, for only Php 1950, consists of 2 sets of Veggie Plate A (Nappa Cabbage, Carrot, Spinach, Enoki Mushroom, and Tofu):

AND 2 sets of Veggie Plate B (Nappa Cabbage, Broccoli, Bok Choy, Pumpkin, Spinach, Asparagus, Shimeji Mushroom, and Tofu) --yey for the vegetarians! :)

And 2 big plates filled with Meyer Natural Angus, which the "meatarian" sisters enjoyed:

Our lutu-lutuan: (the broths are refillable din, also our cups of rice! :))

The Crazy Gonzales! :) I love pictures of tables filled with good food--ang saya! :)

For a non-shabu fan, it was actually a great experience for me. The lutu-lutuan portion was actually enjoyable, made me savor my meal more. Service was also commendable, the server in charged of our table was very accommodating, fast, and helpful. I love the special sauces too, especially Ganso-Shabuway's sesame sauce filled with garlic! I loved mixing this with my tangy Japanese rice! Ulam na!

As we headed out the place, a Japanese man who seemed to be the owner of the restaurant (not in uniform) opened the door for us, and bowed so low while saying arrigato. I really appreciate the gesture, I will definitely return to this place, where, I have to admit, I first fell in love with hot pot.

Mom saw these cute Japanese standees outside the resto, and asked me to take her photo:

Cea wanted one too!

And as dad headed out with a box of hamsters (hehehe, groceries yan, mukha lang hamsters)...

He joined the mini pictorial :)

I love simple moments like this with my family. :) And of course, I wouldn't end this mother's day post without saying: thank you mom for making me an appreciative and thoughtful person--I think those traits are the two things I really admire from you the most, and traits that I try to imbibe. (Valentine's chocolates, not only to your family but even to my friends, just-because pasalubongs...)

Other than these, I will always look up to your high tolerance and bullet proof soul, your time managements skills, and your ka-oc-han. Happy Mother's Day my ever supportive mom, never did I felt any pressure or judgment (or pity) from you--seeing your daughter experiment on the road-less-traveled. Kung alam mo lang, the best recognition for me is not wealth or fame, but making you and dad proud! :)

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