PFW / SUPERB Bazaar Day 3

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Nakiki Philippine Mullet Week in my Sarah Tirona red mullet skirt hehehe...Tahi nya yan! ;P

Emo lang

Black Cardigan and Watch - Borrowed from Mom
White Tee - Jockey
Red Mullet by SARAH TIRONA (
Skulls Bracelets - ANAGON
Black Necklace - Love Diva

Lakas maka emote pag si Sarah ang nag pipicture sakin, hehehe, direktor yun e! Lol:

Hindi talaga yan ang outfitey ko the whole day, very casualang preppy dapat ako, only to realize OXYGEN nga pala ang papanuorin ko, ang colorful ko!--Sarah styled me buti naka basic white shirt lang ako ;)

With blogger loves Verniece Enciso, Mike Magallanes, Tin Iglesias, Kaye Awatin, and surfer chic Cheyser Pedregosa:

My store highlight for day 3 is my neighbor booth V by Vern and Verniece Enciso:

They sell printed palazzo pants, aka Vern's signature look:

And Verniece's trademark: Tutu Skirts! Cute ng concept noh? :)

They also have their preloved pieces in their stall - great deals guys as in may tig P200! :)

Mother dear and our "backstage" :)

Later in the afternoon, finally my first bisita of the day, Kaye Awatin! Yehey!

Swensens tambay / Ice Cream date with my new GF aka gf3!:

Later on, off to the OXYGEN show:

Watched with my other gfs, Aisa Ipac and Sarah Tirona:

I love watching with Pax and Sarah, ang crazy kasi and honest! ;D

Not what I expected, OXYGEN injects colors to their usual black-white-gray palette: 

Galaxy top, two-tone pants:

Galaxy skirt:

Sarah loves this print:

Match pala dito outfitey ko e, black-white-red! ;P

Interested in trying out this pacorporate pero naka shorts look. Love the red shoes din to break the monotony (nagfifeeling expert, echosera lang)

Red suspenders:

I am a fan of lousy coats:

Another pa-corporate look with red shoes I like:

Congrats OXYGEN!

I also saw Divine of PBB on my way back to the SUPERB Bazaar! :D #fangirl #kapamilya

Today is the last day of the SUPERB by Supersale Bazaar , I reallyreally hope you can still find the time to drop by here in the SMX Convention Center, Hall 4. Bring your families and friends! Stalls will be open from 10am to 9pm! Lots of neat brands--plus a whole lane of pure bloggers' stalls! :) 

Also, I made sure to support Vern and Verniece's new venture and bought two items. :) All the best girls to your business! :)

So onting kwento lang... Feeling Ana Batungbakal lang ang peg ko for the last 5 days, sa umaga bazaar, sa gabi bonggang bonggang outfit change na to attend a fashion week show! Lol! Sobrang tiring lang that pag hangout post-shows na with my friends till late night at hindi na acceptable mag commute... Hindi na ata ako tao at daig pa ang nakainom (bangag) hehe.

I agree with Tracy (Ayson) that these days sobrang PAGOD lang talaga, parang hindi siya masosolutionan ng tulog, unless isang linggo muna ako magdidisappear (hibernate mode, press pause--breathe). But then hindi naman possible to hide now at up next na ang Bloggers United!!! 

Ang dami pang drama, mas tempting talaga mag detach muna sa world nato. But siguro parang sa pag prepare lang ng BU--hindi naman possible na basta lang ako mawala. Siguro I just have to go through all these nalang siguro, learn from last year's drama na wag masyadong magpa apekto (I tire and stress myself more than anyone else can, ibang levels!). So kahit lagare emotionally and physically...Relax lang! Sabi nga sa Pure Love Nakakaramdam ako ng pagod...ang sarap mabuhay! 

Yun lang :)


  1. Hi, Ms. Ana! I passed by your stall yesterday but I was too shy to say hi! Mukhang seryoso po kayo in front of your computer. Hehe. I didn't see the V stall though! See you po sa BU 3!


    1. AJ!!! Sayang naman! Sorry default face lang at hilo na hahaha :P See you ha sorryyy :/

  2. Love the Oxygen galaxy skirt. I saw a hi-lo celestial skirt on Pinterest and now I know where to get a look-alike!

  3. Hahaha di ako maka-get over sa Philippine Mullet Week!! Pati ako naki-join force! Haha pero winner pa rin talaga yung same prints tayo! Di ko malilimutan ang twin prints natin ♥ Haha! Love you, Ana! Miss ko na booth mo!


  4. Hi Ms. Ana! Sayang po I haven't seen you last PFW even though you're one of the people I waaant to see in person O.o an dami pong tao but by the way I hope I'd see you this BU 3 and have a picture taken with you OMG :)

    God bless po and more power to your blog! <3

  5. My thoughts exactly when I saw Oxygen's collection! Gulat ako may bright colors! @-) I'm so excited to see you in person at BU3 hihi!

  6. Ana! Thank you so much for the ice cream treat!! :) Super loved that day, daming ganap! ;)

    Kaye Awatin


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