YABU: Katsu for 25!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

I officially proclaim I have sucky pictures, lol. 

And with this, I have to invest on a new cam. Like soon. Or sayang naman ang moments passing by without me documenting them. Documentation, this is me saying I don't blog to show great pictures, but tell my stories. I hope you appreciate the posts padin kahit waley talaga when it comes to my photos *le sigh* 

Anyway, starting off with how YABU was just months ago...I think this was my 3rd time in "The House of Katsu". Dined with my bunso sister Cea, who made this vid after the experience:

Now, check out how YABU immensely improved for just 6 months...first in terms of physical space (bigger, can accommodate more, now with their own loo)

...And second, in terms of their menu:

I really felt honored to be invited in their special Katsu for 25: for the most influential event. The word influential is too much for me! Haha! Anyway, I love their invitation:

..And their means of registration:

Started off with our appetizers...Of course I had their Superior Egg and Potato Salad, with the Hiyayakko Tofu. Forever favorite ko talaga Yabu's Potato Salad!

Fresh fruit shakes (I had the watermelon, I love red drinks, hehe)...With Sarah na wagas ang tawa sa background, hehehe:

Btw, meet my tablemates Kelly Huggable Medina (hehehe), Papa Paul Chuapoco, and Keigh Jalbuena na I missed and finally saw again!

 Other side: Finally met the young and pretty blogger Dani Barretto, and of course with my GFs Aisa Ipac and Sarah Tirona (na baliw as always! ;)). Wait, bat wala si Bestie sa pic? :P

Syempre nagpapic ako kay Dani Barretto dahil forever ako nasstarstruck ;)

The Enciso Sisters! Ang layo naman nila, so I sat with them for a few minutes to catch up with their latest happenings. Have you seen the first collection of V by Vern and Verniece? Lovet!

Then, the program started: 

 Such an honor to meet YABU's owner, and their KATSU Master, Mr. Kayuza!

A debut of Yabu's new Special Katsudon:

Basically what the dish is all about:
The interesting twist: Egg on top of the dish--which serves as its primary sauce.

My heart melts every time they willingly make and serve a vegetarian version for me. Hindi nakakahiya to request! Thank you Yabu!

Fellow Lacto-Ovo Vegetarians! Look at this beauty:

Loving their new Layu sauce...Chili garlic add-on to my dish, yung tipong ito lang ulam na! :P Nakakasabik kumain lalo (extra rice please!)

They also introduced that night the new Yabu Seafood Katsu Set 2:

Comes with creamy crab, 2 thick cuts of juicy salmon, black tiger prawn and Hiroshima jumbo oyster--all wrapped in your favorite golden panko crust, ready to be dipped in delicious tonkatsu sauce. (TL na ba? Hehe)

Classic Yabu ritual:

Tried to capture how our table looked like, FEAST kung FEAST!!!

 Sarah and Pax and their Layu Sauce. Tama si Sarah, pantanggal ng umay! :)

After the meal, I had their sake. Haayyy I am super in love with anything Japan-Japan. Parang I am in a Murakami novel that night, hehe:

Kaya pa guys? Hahaha! My bloggers friends: Kelly Medina, Keigh Jalbuena, Aisa Ipac, Sarah Tirona, Bestie Konisis, Vern and Verniece Enciso, and not looking sa pic Paul Chuapoco and Dani Barretto: 

They also served Magnum ice cream for dessert! But I settled for the sake nalang, di na kinaya hehe!

....While Sarah had BOTH! Lol:

The Aftermath, aka Death by Katsu, hehehe:

Thank you YABU for another fine experience. The food, the ambiance, and the moments shared with friends made that night filled with so much good vibes! Confirmed, Yabu is such a feel good place! Till the next!

Visit YABU: House of Katsu 
2/F Mega Atrium, SM Megamall, 1552 Manila, Philippines

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