Chill Pill

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

‘The time to relax is when you don’t have time for it.”  
- Jim Goodwin

White Tee - Perfect White Shirt
Scarf Print Maxi Skirt - My Lola's!
Black Flats - Parisian Shoes
Black Bag - Mango
Black Skinny Belt and Scarf Print Bracelet - Anagon
Watch - SM Accessories
Thanks Pax for taking my pics!

I super love my skirt today! My mom placed it in my room last week and told me it was owned by my late lola (where I lived with during my 4th year in college). I miss her and how she took care of me, and masaya ako whenever I get a "piece" of her memory--a silent reminder of someone I love.

Anyway, wore this really comfy ensemble today for a meeting with Jansport in Greenbelt. Went with Pax (Sweet Regards, tey! Lol), and then after that we had an early dinner in Mary Grace...ang saya ng chikahan and laugh trip!

Cool ng ceiling, para akong asa Harry Potter!!!!

After dinner and coffee, Pax accompanied me to the medical clinic I saw in Glorietta (inside Mercury Drug! Meron pala dun!). Kwento lang...nung Saturday kasi, while having dinner with my blogger friends Dani, Paul, and also Pax, napansin ko na super kati ng wrist ko. Doc Paul told me (lol) to use anti-fungal cream... So I bought a tube, but walang ganap the next day. The next nights, hindi ako maka sleep kaagad dahil sa sobrang ITCHY and parang magtuturn nako into manok. Lol. Seriously, irita that pag daytime naman nakaka disrupt din siya sa activities ko (so sorry for the tweet rants!). During my bus ride this morning, I saw sa daylight na nagspread na siya sa hands ko, gusto ko umiyak! :(

Anyway, when the derma saw my hands, alam na nya kaagad the condition (forgot yung scientific name sorry!) but told me it was stress-induced. Period. Yun lang. Caching P400 consultation fee, wala pang gamot! I tried sulitin my time there, and asked if may bawal ba gawin or kainin, and si doc naman just said "Wala. Stress lang yan. May bibigay din ako sayong gamot...pero if stress ka babalik din yan." Mga dude, for small pot of gamot, ang gastos haha! Spent P960 for less then 15 minutes inside the clinic.

Nagmamanifest na ang stress sa physical condition ko... masama na to. :s Anyway, researching on stress-management tips. Buti nalang anjan ang Google, lol. 

"For fast acting relief.  Try lying down." 
- Lily Tomlin


  1. Hi ana, I hope ok na yung allergies mo. Ako dumadami pa din. It's like insect bites talaga. Di pa ko makapunta sa doctor T_T take care :)


    1. Hi Kath! Alam mo relief that I have karamay with these shts!!! :) Ikaw you go to the doctor nadin okay, mahirap na!! :s

  2. Hello! I saw you yesterday at Landmark, I knew it was you. You were alone na and I was shy too shy to approach you. Get well soon!

  3. Gondo ng skirt! Fasyon naman ni lola, lam na kung kanino nagmana! :D Haha! Awww I do hope maging okay ka na. Wit natin bet ang allergies. Ang mahal nga :( Pero okay lang yan kesa clueless tayo sa ganap sa body natin. :) Rest well, Ana! Allergic ka sa stress! Haha ♥ :-* See you this weekend!

    1. Thank you arnie! :) Yey see you this weekend sis! :)

  4. wow, suuper love ko ung print ng maxi skirt mo, i always love maxi skirt but i'm too short for that! :) anyway, get well soon Ms. Ana, I'm your new follower!!

    It’s a GIRL Thing

    1. Thanks Cutest Princess, hehe! :) Feeling super better now!!! :)

  5. That's such a pretty skirt! I also love wearing treasures from my lola. It makes an outfit a hundred times more special. :D


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