Supersale Bazaar Day 1

Friday, July 13, 2012

Hello online world! Grabe the change (for me) of not going online for a day...Naiwan ko tong laptop ko kahit asa bag na sha with my "internet at home" modem (hehe)...And palobat na my BB so I turned my BB Social off muna. Oh well, nakapag Tap Tap Revenge (Coldplay) nalang muna ako for entertainment, haha. 

My visitors for the day, yehey! Cutie Arnie, Yela, and Celina! :) Sorry sa solo pic haha, I also saw the Multiply team with Ms. Maurice and Bianca of SOS and pinansin nila mukap ko...Sabi ko "Ganyan guyz pag bored napapakapal ang makeup!" Trololol.

Hindi naman sa walang tao kaya ako bored...But ever since I had my super duper the best and ever reliable Ate / Seller Jenny, I have nothing much to do na. But I won't leave my stall nalang din basta basta. Minsan I miss selling, setting up, buhat, tali, lahat lahat na ng ako lang...But masakit na sha sa likod so THANK YOU universe for helping hands like Jenny!!!

Thank you also to my little sis Arnie Villanueva for dropping by the bazaar, buying from me, and hanging out with me sa aking infamous "bazaar backstage", lol. I had fun kahit sa saglitang catch up and laugh trip... Ang hirap ng iTouch lang palagi ang kausap a, lol! :) Love you gurl!!!

Of course, di ko maimagine ang bazaar ng hindi present si Mom! :)

Sorry eto na ang outfit pic ko hahaha:
Star studded Sweater - Ukay find!
Jeans - Human
Loafers - Gold Dot 

Ayun lang! Again, please do drop by my happy yellow stall at the SUPERSALE BAZAAR! :) Till Sunday pa to, sa World Trade Center from 10am to 9pm! :)

Ineexpect kita ha! ;) Hehe, see you!!!!


  1. Parang ang cute ng binibenta mong rings. :))) And infairness, I love your top with studs and stars. ♥

  2. You look beautiful! Bagay ang make-up! :) I love your booth set-up too, it matches your personal style so well!

    1. Thank you so much Ashley! It's my frustration to create a nice stall, getting there palang! :)

  3. AWWW Alam mo yung abot batok yung smile ko while reading this post? WAHAHA! ♥ Love you Ana! I'm really happy na I'm getting to know you more, isa ka sa pinaka-genuine na taong kilala ko. :) HUG!! Salamat diiin enjoy chikahan/camwhoring sa backstage mo. :-*

    1. THANK YOU ARNIE!! :) Super lifesaver ka sa kaboringan heheheh :)

  4. Cool! Sayang I missed this bazaar because I had classes. Mau is actually my batchmate in UP. :)

  5. Hi, I was just wandering where did you bought your set up? Im planning to have my bazaar too.

  6. Hi, I was just wandering where did you bought your set up? Im planning to have my bazaar too.


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