Laureen Uy for CROCS

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Here is a pair of Crocs we are all familiar of: (jelly, colored, comfy)

And another one (jelly, colored, comfy, with sling back)

Two-tone jelly Crocs:

A slip-on type of Crocs, made of canvass this time, but also comfy and made for walking:

Bejeweled jelly sandals by Crocs:

Ito bet ko <3

So pag ito ang pinost ko here...

...Maniniwala ka ba na these heels are also from CROCS?

...And yes! Even these:

Enter: New Crocs New You regional campaign as they introduce their trendier models that now include heels, wedges, funky flats, and slip-ons with, of course, the promise of Crocs’ legendary comfort!

After a two-month long New Crocs New You local competition, Lia Espina-Lopez won from almost 800 entries... and in the event, we witnessed her makeover treat from Crocs!

We had refreshments before the program. I LOVE these chocolates, sila lang napicturean ko hehe:

To officially announce the winner, Crocs held a fashion styling workshop with Laureen Uy at the SM Megamall Activity Center. Just as Crocs had a makeover in its designs, the brand is also keen on encouraging women to find within them a New You.

After a while, on to the program!

The cute and charming top blogger Laureen Uy:

...Syempre! Wearing her favorite Crocs:

With the contest winner, Lia:

Laureen Uy is one of the judges that picked Lia to stand as the local finalist: “Her story is moving. Two years ago, she had an accident that left her right side half-paralyzed. It was a life-changing experience for her,” explains Laureen. “Despite her ordeal, she retained a positive outlook on life. Also, Crocs was the only pair of shoes that she could wear at that time. This is why the Crocs team and I believe she truly deserves a makeover,” she adds.

Hihi...sorry cute talaga nun red jelly sandals :)

Laureen Uy shared her tips and tricks in matching clothes, shoes, and accessories, and how to find a fashion sense that complement the different personalities. Clothes and accessories were provided by event partner, SM Department Store:

I love stripes on stripes, ang quirky! :)

Amazing! Crocs black pumps! I'm sure super comfy din nito! 

Sarah and I ogled sa neutral flats nato:

Laureen shared some tips on accessorizing:

On-the-spot styling contest:

Thank you CROCS! With my blogger friend Sarah Tirona:

Ending with Laureen Uy's words on CROCS: “The new Crocs collection reveals edgier designs that fit the more fashion-forward Filipina, who values her style without compromising comfort. The new line of shoes reveals their serious take on fashion, and it’s great to be part of discovering these new Crocs, and for Lia and every Filipina out there, unveil a newer you.”

Visit and Crocs Philippines on Facebook ( additional information.


  1. Wow! Daming maganda! Bet ko din yung red sandals! <3

  2. Wow! Love ko yung stripes on stripes, in fairness it looks great together! ♥ Halaaa pati yung black pumps, bet yan! Haha tama ka, comfy yun for sure! :) Kaka-inspire naman yung story nung winner ni Laureen, hayyy. Haha!

    1. Cute noh! :) And true, super inspiring story :) Cool event siya talaga :)


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