Pax's New Roomie! (Feeling 2Broke Girls)

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Hi guys!

Here are some random kwentos from the past days, aka the Anagon the Northerner days / or the days I spent away from home / or my experience as the bagong border nila Pax! Lol. (For ilang days lang naman. :))

Before the food distribution..
A quick Mcdo stopover to satisfy baby Dani's Twister Fries cravings:

I have no on-site  photos, but here's one in Paul's car, after everything, on our way home:
We had dinner in a tapsi place, again no picture, boo. But super enjoy din although inabutan ng malakas na ulan!

We are bunch of crazy kids:
Hello lil sis Arnie Villanueva, my jowa Aisa Ipac, bff  Paul the PR Guy , and our baby Dani Barretto!

Since we were the last ones dropped off by Paul, we invited him over to visit (and criticize) a stylist's crib. Aka, a hoarder's house in the flesh. Haha, love Pax's apartment talaga--walls lined with shoes, clothes, and accessories!
Sandwiched between two of my favorite people in the world.:)

Next day, woke up with Pax checking out her new packages from different brands (parang everyday, guys, may bago!). Today she got a framed photo from Union Bank (Yesss UB ambassador! Hehe!), and with this Union Bank magazine feature! Panalo!

We headed back to Pino / Pipino restaurants for the continuation of the relief ops.
During breaks and waiting hours, made sure to try out something new in their vegetarian resto:

There was a time we had a "Dessert Night":

And the night na panay pika and flavored beers:
With Arnie, Jacky, Niche, and Pax.

Coffee breaks para may energy:

Super productive this day! Sabi ko nga habang nagtatakal ng kanin love the energy! Lol.
We were able to pack cooked ulam and rice (my favorite assignment, haha) for around 1000 people. Met a lot of student volunteers too!

Staying with Pax means unusual eating schedule. Lunch is at 2ish pm, while midnight snacking (Yellow Cab) is a regular thing. SARAP ...pero nakakasira ng figure! Haha!

Lots of internet time at night (in short, insomniacs unite),

We loled sa Mayor Lim O tweets!

And checked out our "careers according to your birthday" thingie on Facebook.



Kamusta naman sa housewife na housewife lang: parent na, cleaner pa. Lol.

My last day in Pax's, I watched Mich take her outfitey pics in her usual place--The rooftop!

Before that, we also played around with makeup, kanwari nag tututorial kami ala Michelle Phan and Xteener! Laughtrip kanwari agawan kami sa camera time haha!
Mas matagal parin si Pax mag makeup sakin! ;p

I really had a great time whenever I am with my blog sister. Sobrang laugh trip and kalokohan lang, di kami natutulog! Kanwari nakapikit nako, biglang randomly may maiisip nanamang kwento! 

Since it was a Saturday, we headed to Mega Mall and umepal lang sa weekend dates nila Pax and Mich. That day, we decided to play sa Time Zone!

Sa picture nato, sino ang third wheel?! Lol.

Sayang wala kami napanalunan! Hehehe.

Sanay na sanay! Mich and Pax tandem:

Yan ang pormang gamer! Haha:

Dati, nun high school, favorite ko yung mga claw games na ganito.
I got stuffed toys for each of my friends, haha! Seriously!

Motor motoran, na loser ako. :p Halatang di ako nagddrive, hayayay!

While si Pax one of the all-time top scorers! Competitive!

Although walang picture, kelangan ko lang isingit na I topped score naman sa basketball.
Haha, okay, okay na pagyayabang ko, lol. #isipbata

We ended the gaming time with a sketch thingie. Sayang walang neo print! ;p

For dinner, we went to Yabu and met up with Clarizza (a student who interviewed Pax), Paul, and Kira:

Thank you for the solo pic, Kira! O diba ang ayos parin ng mukap ko, haha!

Clarizza, Paul, Kira Ramirez, ME!, Mich, and Pax:

The Never Get Over You Getting Over Girls, with Clarizza:

We also went to a record bar, where my bff bought this:
Yung totoo Paul!!! Yung totoooo!!! Haha.

I also went home na that night. Although tired to death, I really felt good with all the things that happened the past days.
I also came home with this waiting for me!

Thank you Penshoppe for the body sprays, eye makeup, lipsticks, and makeup brushes! Love em!

Ending this post with one of the random night time conversations with Pax, sabi ko alam ko na ang gusto kong tombstone look (I know, morbid ako sorry!) --

this world was never meant for one as beautiful as you
Ana Regina M. Gonzales
January 20, 1986 - 

That's my favorite painting of all-time: Vincent Van Gogh Starry Night, and the song line came from Don Mclean's Vincent.

Yun lang! :) I miss my Urban Cafe breakfasts with Pax and Mich, haha!
Good night and have a great new week guys! :)


  1. haha bet na bet ko ung car photos nyo :) ang saya naman!

    Rovie, The Bargain Doll

  2. Wow Ana! Ang saya-saya nyo naman. Sana dumating din yung time na ma experience ko din ang ganyang ultimate bonding for a cause :D last time nagawa ko yan college pa. Gusto ko na makahanap ng yaya para next time makasama ako sa inyo, kung ok lang. Hehehe! I love your friendship, totoong- totoo :D Dami na kasi plastikan ngayon. Hehehe!

    1. Thank you so much for appreciating, Kath! :) Ive always prayed for good friendships, I am happy na kahit at this age I met some pa in these bloggers :)

  3. I enjoyed reading your post especially the last quote! :) You look so good btw!

    1. Awww super natouch naman ako! :) Thank you Ashley! I super love your blog! :)

  4. tawang tawa naman ako ate Ana sa home maker/housewife horoscope chuchu na yan haha :)) Sayang gusto ko sana sumama sa relief ops na yan eh, kaso baka feeling close naman ako :)) Naenjoy ko tlaga itong post mo, parang road trip lang ang peg, lahat may kwento. Alam ko ung ganyang feeling, ung pag gabi, dun lalabas ung mga ideas mo, lahat lahat, mas masarap pag may kasama ka habang nag ni-night dream, wish ko din makakain na me sa Yabu haha, wish ko sa bday ko, loools :) Para kanino pala ung One direction na Cd, para pa talaga kay kuya Paul yan? HAHAHAH seriouslyy?? :)) Haaay saya ko lang :) Sarap magkaroon ng ganyang momentum with your friends :)

    wild and fierce

    1. Hahaha! Thank you Eji! And yup si Paul yung bumili ng 1D CD, o diba very cool lang lol. ;p

  5. FULL ANG SCHED!:)) buti pa kayo nakakalabas nun stranded ako nun grabe!!!:)) mag-isa pa sa bahay!:)) nakakaloka sana d na ulit bumagyo !

  6. this blog post shows how strong and incomparable your friendship with ms. Aisa. I feel good after reading this. :)


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