Georgina Wilson for Lactacyd White Intimate

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Sanofi launch Lactacyd White Intimate Daily Feminine Wash last Friday at the Dusit Thani Hotel, Makati:

After supersarap howtel lunch, program immediately started, with idol Patty Laurel as host:

I love the grand and very white set-up:

...And I love Ms. Patty's dainty lace white dress!

There were dance numbers: 

And we also watched the new Lactacyd TVC with Georgina Wilson!

The event, dubbed Project White, was headlined by a fashion show. The show featured fabulous collections from Project Runway Philippines’ alumni and promising young designers Veejay Floresca, Santi Obcena, and Russell Villafuerte:

True enough, the Project White featured fashion collections meant to showcase what is possible with an even-toned skin. Models strutted on the runway in fashionably revealing designs that appeal to the modern Filipina. The collections highlighted the confidence that women can have to wear any type of clothing to suit their lifestyle, especially when there is no need to worry about some skin showing!

The fashion show was headlined by no less than “it girl” Georgina Wilson:

LACTACYD revealed that this new variant’s celebrity endorser is none other than popular model, TV host, and one the country’s most recognizable “it girls”, Georgina Wilson. This is because Lactacyd White Intimate was developed specifically for women who are strong, smart and confident -- traits which Georgina Wilson embodies perfectly!

Parang angel, super ganda lang! :)

Georgina declares that she uses Lactacyd White Intimate because she cares to look her best. Not surprising for one who clearly aspires to, and nearly achieves perfection in everything she does. Like Georgina Wilson, Lactacyd is absolutely world-class. 

Aside from these, Georgina Wilson said na ang pinaka gusto niya with Lactacyd is that the brand continues to INNOVATE.

On to the Q&A with the guests and members of the press:

With more than 20 years of expertise in the feminine hygiene market, Lactacyd knows women well.  With Lactacyd White Intimate, the clinical studies have shown lightening of the intimate area within four (4) weeks.  

FAQs cleared up by doctors and experts:

Nine (9) out of every 10 women tested reported a visible whitening in the bikini area with continued use of the product. Thorough dermatological testing has also demonstrated that Lactacyd White Intimate is hypoallergenic and safe for everyday use. A thumb-sized amount used twice daily is the recommended usage.

The event ended with a raffle, where I won a silver 4th Gen iPod Shuffle! Woot!

Watched the show and was able to catch up with these beautiful bloggers Shen of Shen's Addiction and Angela of Lush Angel! :)

Before heading out, we bumped into designers Russell Villafuerte and Veejay Floresca!

Congrats on the successful event!

Lactacyd White Intimate is available nationwide in supermarkets, drugstores, and other selected retail outlets. 


  1. Nice! You attended the event pala!


  2. Georgina Wilson and Patty Laurel in one event! Wow!

  3. Love all the collections, georgina is so pretty! :)


  4. bongga nakakawhite ng area! something innovative itey :) and i like the fashion show pa :)

    Rovie, <a href="> The Bargain Doll </a>

  5. Ohhh my girl crush!!! Georgina!! ♥ Haha! Super gorgeous yung mga dresses/designs sis. Very very laces and sheer. Bet yang mga ganyan! :) :)

  6. Mrs. Martinez: Yes! :) It was a cool event :)

    Frances: Hihi, dont we love them!!! :)

    Etaduran: She is, Dyosa lang! :)

    Rovie: Hehehe! IKR! Ibang klaseng innovation, hehe :)

    Arnie: Hahaha, veryvery gurl lang hehehe :)

  7. Hey! I did makeup for 3 of Veejay Florsca's Models! I was wondering if i can grab their photos? :) I'll link back you your post! :)

  8. hi mam! can i grab some photos to be posted on my FB acct?was one of the models. thanks! :)
    -aea amps

    1. Hey sure! :) Please link back to my blog, will appreciate that :) thank you! :)


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