Wrangler: Find Your Edge – Boundless Traveler

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Sarah picked me up along EDSA corner Annapolis yesterday afternoon, 
going to Manila (my second home back in early 2000)
after a looong parang-ni-roundtrip day... So we can go to the Wrangler event together.
I used to regularly go to Robinson's Ermita before (or mas tinatawag namin noong R.P.
with my college friends... For bowling, food trip, and to catch a movie. 
But ngayon, parang ang layoooo na niya! So thank you talaga Sarah!!! :) Anyway...

When we got there, pastart palang the fashion show (what is timing!).
Thank you Paul for saving us seats!
Wrangler introduces its Fall / Winter 2012 Collection, 
dubbed as: “Find Your Edge – Boundless Traveler”
The Boundless Traveler demonstrates a free spirit on the open road who knows no boundaries. 
It is about exploring, FEELING ALIVE, going on adventures
and embracing unlimited possibilities.

Kim Jones hosted the show:

I have the suckiest camera, so no fashion show photos, sorry! :p
But eto yung pinaka collection nilang bago:

The Wrangler Fall/Winter 2012 campaign is the story of two people who travel together from morning till night. Fuelled by the adrenalin rush of discovery, they are always on the move and eager to explore their next destination with functional yet edgy outfits for every journey.

It begins with the colors of sunrise – a gradient of colors from red, orange to blue – inspiring the journey. Early Risers travel in style and comfort with bright-colored tops and lightweight denim bottoms, which evoke a modern vintage look. Layer with scarves and jackets to serve as protection throughout the travel.

Anchored by its denim heritage, Wrangler aims to create contemporary outdoor looks fit for travelers.

Aside from the Fall / Winter 2012 fashion show, 
the program also presented the 7 Icons Featured in a Wrangler Jeans
since 1947.

The 7 icons include the rodeo watch pocket, rear guard, seven belt loops,
fully-felled outseam, rope logo, W stitch and patch,
and flat rivets.

Costume change si Kim Jones, hehe:

The program ended with the models naka posing around the event area,
so we can take more pictures, and also to pick our very own pair of Wrangler jeans and top! :)

I told Sarah to pose like the models, "para masaya sa blog!".
Lovet naman na they smiled for the camera, para kasi silang mannequin! 
 Check out my own Barney-Robin moment in Pax's blog, hehe.

Sarah and I both got the tangerine rain jacket na suot ni Barbie 
in this photo (hehe):

Another parang asa museum pose ni Sarah, hehehehe:

Other than the great new collection and cool fashion show,
I also love the set of the WRANGLER event:

Sabit sabit na photos. Gusto ko to for my bazaar booth, hehe:

Vintage luggage, my weakness!

Cool lights!

 Check out the Wrangler Fall/Winter 2012 collection at Wrangler boutiques and leading department stores nationwide!

For more information about Wrangler, visit:
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  1. Seems so much fun, sayang hindi ako nakaattend! HUHUHU Ang ganda ng production nila :)

  2. Hala oo!!! Parang mannequin ang mga models. Galaw galaw din hahaha! Cute ni Sarah. Very very fieldtrip pose sa museum ang peg! Bet ang Wrangler!


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