A Lack of Color

Friday, September 14, 2012

"If you feel discouraged,
that there's a lack of color here...

...Please don't worry lover...

...It's really bursting at the seams."

Dress - Bayo | Black Wedges - SM Parisian | Necklace - RDS | Improvised Clutch - Lapdance

Some kwentos...

Wore this outfitey grabehan! I woke up at around 4am to prepare with my
family for our visa interview scheduled at 6-early-am. Mishaps took place one after another.
Isa nalang dun ay nadala ni Cea yung camera niya e bawal sa loob, and nagpark kami with 
walking distance yung tipong from Greenbelt to SM Makati! ;p

At around 10am we were all in the final interview--and
to make a long story short, we didn't really get what we fully prayed for,
but mine got approved! reason to be grateful na din!

Family then had lunch in nearby Aristocrat, then dad dropped me off in MOA
(after we passed by the Bench office for the Bench Universe tickets!).
Decided to waste time in KK and took advantage of their fast wifi and saksakan ;p

After an hour, I went to watch The Mistress, a 2-hour movie with John Lloyd and Bea.
Panalo din naman, but hindi ako mashado naiyak
(batayan ng good film, chos). Pero ang surprise sa lahat for me is yung theme
song! Imagine sa gitna ng dramahan biglang eto ang tugtog!

After the movie, strolled around asa-MOA-lang stores (Uniqlo! Cotton On!)...
And then dumating na si Kaye! Asked her if I can place my Sorsogon
backpack in her car, and then we had dinner na
(around 6pm narin to), and then over good conversation, lumipas
din ang time till dumating nadin si Pax and Tracy. We all went together
in Moa Arena for the first night of Bench Universe!

Kaye Awatin, Aisa Ipac, and Tracy Ayson:

Me and Kaye!

Pax and Tracy!

Niche and Paul!

We were placed sa patron area, but we were also given 
the option na mag mosh pit...

but because of the high stage nadin, and my nasty 5 inch heels (lol)
naisip namin mas maganda and comfy nadin sa lower box!

 Light sticks, parang concert woot!
 Moremore Bench Universe kwentos in another post! :)

Anyway! I blogged and tweeted about my Sorsogon trip, which was supposed to be today, but we missed our bus last night! Akala ko madaling humabol, assuming na ang bus may byahe every hour, but no, ang next bus daw ay the next day na (today) which means wala na kaming maaabutan sa activity. :( I went home disappointed, lugging with me my pang-5-day backpack. 

Anyway, all is well now! Baka hindi lang talaga meant. 

And just like that, weekend na uli! Have a great one guys! :)
Attending dear blogger friend Verniece's debut tomorrow...
baka talagang kaya hindi kami pinaalis ng Manila. :)

Title and first lines from this post are from one of my favorite songs: Death Cab for Cutie's A Lack of Color. 


  1. Lucky!! Love the heels =)


  2. Super like the heels! Mabuti keri mo magsuot ng white na dress :D Ako kasi feeling ko pag naka white ako ang taba ko na. Ang dami mo palang ganap sa isang buong araw mabuti kaya ng powers mo. I'm sorry to hear na hindi natuloy yung Sorsogon trip pero may maganda naman sana na kapalit. Congrats na approve visa mo :)

    1. Thank you so much sis! :) I appreciate this comment! Bihira ako lumabas, but pag lumabas naman wagas ang sched haha sinusulit na ang byahe from Alabang! ;p

  3. Bet ko black wedges mo sis!! :) Very very fasyon and classy! ♥ Sayang talaga Sorsogon trip nyo, pero baka nga God's will na rin yun. O:-) See you soon sis!

    1. Thanks sis :) I feel nga that it is His will :) Mwah!

  4. I love the outfit, napaka-Audrey Hepburn sa Breakfast at Tiffany's, except reverse yung colors, white dress naman. :)


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