Dear Diary,

Carlo sat beside me today (chos lang).


  1. Ang cute ng penma post!

  2. Aww get well soon Ting! :(

    Enjoyed reading this post! Would love to try writing down like this for a blog post! Hihihi thanks for inspiring me! <3

    1. Thank you sis! Means a lot, ok naman na sha, sunbathing nalang ngayon sa arawan dito hehehe :)
      Yehey thank you so much! :) Looking forward to seeing your handwriting post hehe :)

  3. What a sweet entry. Thanks sis! Love you <3

  4. Ang cute nung dear diary! Bongga sis haha :)

  5. OMAYGAD ANA!!! ♥ Nainspire ako dito! Lamo recently, when I'm out of the house and walang dalang laptop, I tend to "draft" blog posts sa notebook ko para pag magb-blog na sa bahay, di na ko mag-iisip, magt-type na lang. Abaaa pwedeng pwede naman palang ganito. Kakatuwa talaga! :) Dear diary... ♥ Haha love you! Magkadugo nga tayo!


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