Myrtle Sarrosa for LOLITA Launch

Sunday, September 23, 2012

So hard naman to blog about an event that means a lot to one of my dearest friends! Been hearing a lot about this LOLITA brand through my blog bff Paul, because this new line of of fragrances is the newest treat from Beauty Elements Ventures Inc., one of his adver company (PMP Communication)'s clients. Kesyo nun nakuha palang ang endorser, the collateral presentation, Myrtle's photo shoot, and then this big media event...Veryvery hands-on si Bff! I said no to a lot of things that night just for this! And worth it naman!

Love how they dressed up 55 Events Place!
Parang debut lang for Myrtle! Pink na pink! :)

Dinner buffet muna with my blog friends: Hello lovely Yana, Arnie, and Keigh!

Pax by the desserts and salad table--my table! :)

Cute Lolita cupcakes! Sayang di ko natikman parang masalap:

While having desserts, Bestie called me and 11 more "best-dressed" bloggers daw.
Sa backstage, we learned na rarampa kami with Myrtle! Hahaha!

Direk Bestie, sending out instructions! 
"Lakad sa gitna, pose, walk sa ramp, wag na titigil sa harap, balik 
kaagad opposite from where you entered." Okay boss!

I was the 8th blogger to walk, ang kaba wagas kahit upbeat One Direction What Makes You 
Beautiful ang tugtog, hahaha...Playlist ni Paul to for sure! Lol.

When I reached yung "gitna-then-pose" area, I attempted the Adriana Lima Pose 
during the Victoria's Secret 2011 Fashion Show, na 100 times ko na ata pinanuod (lol, my fave show!)
 ...Minus the fierceness and hotness, ok! Haha!

...Then I swayed my way down the aisle, this time attempting to go Flavia De Oliveira, 
but since I don't have a "train", I used my black polo haha:

Yun ang naiimagine ko lang naman na pinag gagawa ko, hahaha!
But parang punchline lang sa 9GAG, here's how I look IRL, lol. AWKWARD!!!
I am no VS Angel, but that's one off my bucket list! Captured moment by Kaiye, thank you!

After all the dances, and epic biglaang-change-costume, they
finally introduced the most lovable Cosplayer in town as Lolita’s darling new endorser: Myrtle Sarrosa!

Fresh from her win from Pinoy Big Brother: Teen Edition 4, Myrtle is the true embodiment of the Lolita girl. The 17-year-old’s charming personality and quick wit go hand-in-hand with the many playful sides she is known for. There is a Lolita scent for Myrtle’s every whim

Let us all welcome on stage, ang tunay na talk show host Paul Chuapoco! Hehehehe:

Big screen shot:

Ay guys, si Janeena Chan nga pala, the verypretty and amusing event's host! Hehehe:

Biases aside, I really love the whole marketing shiz of Lolita fragrances. 
What is I stand out nga naman! :)

Like the Lolita Fashion / Lifestyle, there is a Lolita for every kind of girl and every kind of personality! 
Lolita line of fragrances is available in audaciously floral with CALI (5), fresh and breezy with FANTASY (4), delicately warm with CHICK (2), tutti frutti with FAIRY (3), flirty femme with ROUGE (6), and simply saccharine with Myrtle's favorite, COSPINK (1)! 

Sulatan tayo! ;P Lolita postcards, featuring the many faces of Mytle Sarrosa!

And then they announced that they'll award SIX best dressed aka "I Stand Out" guests that night!


A Cosplayer! :) Sorry wasn't able to catch her name! :p

Sa dakong table namin, may nagkniknit pa! Hahaha...Hi Helga!

Then...Pax won a camera!

Uy nagchikahan pa sila ni Myrtle, hahaha!

And unexpectedly, I won the best-dressed! Second thing off my bucket list in one night!!!!

 Hindi nila sinasabi yung prize,
kami ni Myrtle were going: "Ano tooo?" (Close kaagad? Haha, love her!!!)

The box contained super daming black cards, sa isip ko "Prepaid cards kaya to?" Choz!
The cards are actually FOREVER 21 GCs pala!!! Worth P10-effin-K!!! WAAAH!

Post event, my friends told me dapat camera daw ang napanalunan ko, but I love my GCs!
Nashashare sha! :) When I got home that night, salubong ko kay mommy
"May pang shopping na tayo!" Lol.

Of course! I took advantage being next to Myrtle, had to take an iTouch photo with her, 
sabi ko "Pang Instagram!" Hehehe:
Stage photos from Yana and Rovie, thank you!

The Instagram photo with Myrtle! Hehehe!

The best part for me was when I was struggling to go down the stage (in my heels and with my
perpetual stage fright)
Myrtle told me "Samahan na po kita (then held my hand)". 
OMG, ni-like ko na FB fan page niya! I love Myrtle na!

There was a laugh trip / entertaining Q&A with the press people:

Pax asked "a veryvery difficult question" according to Paul, lol. Magkano ang bottle ng Lolita! ;p
Ang tanda ko is Php96 sha for a 100ml bottle! :)

Check out the jam-packed venue! Very well attended launch:

Post-event kodakan:
With Yana, Arnie, Keigh, Bianca, and Rovie!

With my ka-laughtrip seatmate, Carvey Samonte!

With Helga, Sarah, and Tracy:

Bestie, Pax, and Niche:

With Hazel, Kath, and Denise:

With Jen and Kai:

Group! :)

People played around the cute very Lolita stage set-up:

Tracy by the Lolita house:

Mirror pic with Carvey, Pax, Arnie, and Tracy:

Closet of toys pic with Pax:

And a group photo with Myrtle!

Sweet morning, bff! Lol. Congrats on the successful (and trending!) Lolita launch! :)

 Best in press kit :)

I'm sure covet nyo narin to try Lolita, so do check out Watsons, Mercury Drug, Robinsons Supermarket and Department Stores nationwide. I have yet to find out what scent is
my favorite, but do share me yours below if you know your kind of Lolita na! ;) 

For more info and updates:


  1. Hi Ms. Ana! Thanks po for sharing your experience and photos at the Lolita launch! Nakakataba po ng puso yung comments niyo about Myrtle!

    1. Hi! :) Thank you so much for your kind words! :) I was blown away from her, super bait pala ni Myrtle, down-to-earth, AND smart! :)

  2. Hahahha nice, very detailed kwento! found the runway vid here:

    enjoy! hahahaha

    1. Hehehehe thank you so much, shempre pinaghirapan to ni Bff paul! :) Thanks sa link nakow ang hirap pala these days documented lahat, kahiya! HAHAHA!

  3. hello! thank you po for the nice words about Myrtle. :)
    Nakakatuwa po kayo magsulat.
    I enjoyed reading your blog.

    1. Thank you so much! :) I appreciate this! :) And yes, Myrtle deserves the kindness, and all her success... Sobrang nice nya kahit sa ordinary people like me! :)

  4. LOL natawa naman ako sa explanation doon sa gagawin mo sa runway :)) pwede ka next VS angel ;)

    Btw, pa-grab ng group photo Ana! :D will credit you of course! :)

    1. Hahahaha! :D Nagstick kasi sakin yung ginawa ng VS Angel na yun hehehe! ;D Yes sure gow sis thank you! :)

  5. Congratulations ulit sa F21 GCs, sis! Well-deserved naman talaga. Hat ang nagdala, so lesson learned ko na yan. Give ko muna sayo for now! Hahaha chosss love you!!! :) Ang bait ni Myrtle and very intelligent. I like her na! ♥

    1. Hahahahaha! Kaya I love hats e, effortless ang I Stand Out effects nya hahahah ;p And true, I like her din since this launch! :)

  6. Congrats Ana :D Super like the VS rampa, pedeng-pede na! Pa-grab din ng photo ha and credit din kita :) Parang gusto ko din mag head gear minsan kaya lang alam ko na hindi ko keri XD

    1. Hi Kath! Nice to see you uli ganda! Naku salamat naman, madami pakong bigas na kakainin bago maging VS Angel hahaha! And sure grab photo lang! :) And thank you, kaya mo rin yang mag hat noh! :) Bawas suklay pa sa umaga hehehehe ;)

  7. congratulations so much sis !
    kakainggit naman .

  8. CONGRATUMALATIONS FOR WINNING BEST DRESSED :) Penge GC!! Chos :) Ganda ng outfitey girl bet na bet!

    The Bargain Doll

    1. Hahahaha tawang tawa naman ako sa CONGRATUMALATIONS! :D Thank you Rovie! Bigyan kita, P100, suklian mo ko a chos hahaha ;)

  9. Super like ko yung dress ni Myrtle! Very Lolita pero classy. :)

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  11. @diwata super cute noh, it's topshop! i want it nga din hehehe! :)
    @gilbert thank you! :)

  12. nice blog! congrats on winning :)

    btw, the cosplayer one you mentioned, she's not a cosplayer. she's a designer, here's her fb page ^_^

    1. Thank you so much! And thank you for the info!!! :)


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