Oversized Everything

Ill-proportioned style. Oversized everything.
 I went for another "Hindi ko maiwan yung kumot at bedsheet ko e" look
yesterday, on a trip to BRGR Project's new branch in Vito Cruz!
Shempre food trip...So I went with baggy clothes again! :)

Gray Sweater - Forever 21
Stripes Maxi Dress - Ate's pasalubong from Japan!
Silver Glitter Shoes - Toms
Black Leopard Sling Bag - Cotton On
Thank you Arnie for taking my pics!

I have no excuses na sa obsession ko with baggy everything. 
I know I have to come up with an outfitey na medyo figure-flattering naman minsan,
pero in this weather (plus, sarap kumain talaga e!)...
Ang sarap ng comfy lang ang peg natin.

Japan-Japan look!

Oh, and after browsing (and ogling!) through the Japanese fashion magazine my Ate
brought home for me from her latest Tokyo trip, I can't help but
admire how they can pull-off this look! Mala Muji styling ba, ganyan.

Anyway, leaving you with some inspirations:


  1. One thing about Tokyo is that people can wear anything and never look weird out of place! I've seen middle-aged women wearing fierce knee-high stilleto boots, and young guys wearing boots with heels pero kyeme silang lahat haha :)) Very interesting. Sana ganun din sa Manila... kelan kaya yun. :))

    1. Wow interesting nga! Wish to experience that Claire, live in Tokyo siguro for a while, siguro very inspiring non!

  2. Ay Ana bet ko ang ganyang outfitey! Tama ka masarap ang ganyang baggy clothes lalo na pag kakain ng madami. Hehehe! Dream ko makarating sa Tokyo, love ko mga Japanese kahit hindi ko sila masyado magaya in terms of their style kasi baka batukan ako ni hubby na number 1 critic ko.

    1. Hahaha! Naku ako din dream ko yan, makapag Tokyo! And ahhaha naku lambingin mo lang si Hubby, sabihin mo Yolo! ;) Hehehe!

  3. This is one of my favorite outfit!! peg ko na to this month! Perfect to pag eat all you can buffet ang ganap o kaya pag gusto mo lang talaga kumain na parang fiesta :)

    ♥ Maria

    1. Natouch me! Thank you so much! HAHAHA oo everyday is pyesta pa naman hahaha ;D

  4. Awww, I miss seeing you in ganitong kaluwag-luwagan clothing! :) I love your top. Parang super comfy talaga. Gusto ko na siya ikumot. Haha! :) And ang cool nung magazine from Tokyo. It would be interesting if I could pull off those looks too :D

    ♥ Megann of Style Surgery

  5. Oo nga sis!! Achieve mo ang inspirations from that magazine! ♥ Love it! Haha I enjoyed taking your outfiteys. More more pa soon!

  6. I love everything in this post! I hope I can pull off that look too! :)

  7. hahaha!alam mo ung pagkascroll down ng mabilis akala ko nagmodel ka sa isang magazine!singkit din kac!:))) tama gnyan dpt outfit pra d halatang busog kala mo gutom pa!:)))gsto ko ung nakaupong shot!:)

    1. hahahah salamat gie! :D ok yun a, mafeature sa foreign mag! :D

  8. Not everyone can pull off oversized looks, but you definitely can. :)


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