Please don't take my sunshine away

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Last Tuesday was my Happy Day! I was supposed to wear yellow, only to 
realize that most of my yellow articles of clothing are UST apparel (lol). 
Decided to just give the seafoam green dress a repeat performance (worn here without blazer),
and then paired it with moremore pale colors like blush, tan and white. My favorites.

Pale Pink Blazer - Forever 21
Seafoam Green Dress - Zara
Pale Pink Wedges - SM Parisian
Chocolate Brown Bag - Coach
Watch - Aldo
Photo by Tracy Ayson, thank you!

Feel ko it's because I started the day right. How? 
Pagkakagising na pagkagising palang, assume / think / CLAIM! that today is a GREAT day!
Nakakatawa, even Manila's eternal beach weather,
and even yung super init, silyang pambata "aircon" bus na nasakyan ko going to events,
and kahit deadz sa pagod noong araw na yon (jumped from Edsa Shang to MOA to Mega Mall!) 
.... I felt that the day was perfect.

Tired doesn't mean BV na. Things not going my way doesn't mean fail na.
Not knowing everything doesn't mean all else were lies.
There are much more beautiful things... Like sharing, like friendship, and like forgiveness,
even without thorough reasons to give them away.

BTW! I colored my hair bright red that morning... Using the P50 box of hair dye I bought
from Shopwise last weekend, hehe. Tipid meals!

Spent almost the whole day with my blog girls Tracy and Sarah. Sabi nila, the best days are often 
the ones when we forget to take out our cameras. No documentations (not even pang instagram!) 
but we went from meeting Jessica Sanchez, wasted time in a donuts shop in MOA, tried
to mingle at the Rajo! Parisian x Milanos Event in SMX, and then escaped
the whole bloggers scene, jumped in a taxi , had the looongest cab ride of our lives where best
conversations were held... Only to reach Mega Mall in time for the premiere of Perks of Being
a Wallflower! As in when we entered cinema 9 (thanks Niche!!!), saka lang pumatay yung ilaw
as if kami talaga ang hinihintay!

When the film ended, seated at the highest and the very last row of the huge cinema,
the three of us started clapping. Perfect way to end a Happy Day! 
Parang mga hindi pagod! Tracy began all the shouting: "I SUPER LOVE THE FILM!"
And then Sarah followed, giggling, with: "WE ARE INFINITE!"...
I went with: "BEST DAY EVER!"

And although the cinema started to quiet down, and I only hear murmurs of approval from the
satisfied audience, we, all three of us, started laughing and shouting and raising both our hands.

This will be the most cliche thing I will write to end this post, lol,
....But as a line from page 39 of one of the best books of this generation goes:
"And in that moment, I swear we were infinite."


  1. Awww!! :) Ramdam na ramdam ko pagka-personal nitong post mo sis. Love it when you share stories of what happened to you sa mga ganaps/araw. Nav-visualize ko!! Haha wanna watch Perks tuloy! I'm happy you guys made it to all your commitments last Tuesday!

    1. Thank you so much sis! Nakakaencourage mga comments mo to write write write.. Minsan sabihin natin you write dahil passion mo to, pero minsan masarap yung mgay "kausap" ka naman about what you're trying to relay hehehe :) See you soooon! :)

  2. It shows naman sa pictures mo how you CLAIMED that "it will be a great day!" :) If ganyan lagi ang tao ang saya siguro!:) pretty outfit, beb!:) Happy I saw you again!! Parang ang tagal ng hindi!!:) I love din how your entries nowadays are about feeling good or just something from the heart. :)

    1. Sooo happy to see you again Ava beb!!! I love the new hair talaga, and cute orange dress! :) I hope to see more of you uli soon, and mas matagalan pa! :) Love you and thank you for appreciating my posts! :)

  3. I also watched the premiere pero sa Trinoma. I haven't read the book but I liked the movie, lalo yung playlist. Winner! I want to dye my hair red din. Can't believe you did the coloring yourself!

    1. Lots of people watched it that night noh? :) My sister naman sa GB! :) I love the playlist part din, ang cute ng mixtapes noh, sana may magbigay parin sakin nun hehe. :)
      Yes! I realized super mas happy ako when I color my hair myself! Sana I learn how to cut it narin ng ako lang.:)

  4. Hi ate ana :) talagang hinahanap ko blog posts mo sa feed ko haha :)) na e-excite kasi ako eh, napapatawa at napapa smile ako sa mga captions mo, haha :) i wanna color my hair too, kaso school doesn't allow it, anyways, graduating na ako, might as well take a trip to the prefect of discipline para naman maranasan ko, last chance ko na ito, haha tipid meal! Tagal ko ng hindi nanuod ng movie, the last time cguro is ung bourne legacy :) haaay

    1. Hi Eji! Super thank you for this comment a sobrang natouch ako ganda ng gising ko when I read this hehehe! And uy wag pasaway pagraduate ka muna a gurl! :) And nood na ng sine!!! :D Jan ka magpaka YOLO! :) Hehehe, thank you uli sa comment :)))

  5. Hi ms. ana! bagay po ang red hair sainyo..and ang funny naman ng ginawa nyo sa sinehan..hahaha.pero naiimagine ko naman po na gagawin nyo yun..hehe

    more power to your blog!! :)


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