Some Monday Kwentos..

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Hello World! 

LOL. That's my new pagbati whenever I see mom around the house, hehe.
Lakas makairita!
Nakakatawa, I read in a blog somewhere na may naattendan shang party,
and then there is this person daw na pag may bagong ipapakilala sa kanya,
ang reply ba naman ni person something like:
"Hello! Welcome to my life!" Hahaha. Lakas ng trip!

Anyway, here's my outfitey for the day! Sorry na, 
veryvery sakit sa ulo ng blurry pics nato haha, but triny namin habulin
ang araw kanina (mga past 6pm nadin to :p)...But with a digicam
lang, fail ang attempt, haha.

Black Dress - Get Laud
Gold Wire Belt - Anagon
Black Bag - Mango
Black Pumps - Charles and Keith 

Nagpupumilit akong ipost to (haha) just because I want to show
my new belt! :) Hehe, a new addition to Anagon's September releases! Bet? :)

The veryvery uncomfy pumps! But anong magagawa kelles, 
ang cute talaga nung leather toecap deet niya! :)
Thank you Keigh  for taking my pictures!

Some kwentos...

Yesterday, while finishing Revenge (kaya ako feeling pa-Hamptons dahil sa series 
nato, lol), decided to color my nails again! My favorite go-to red from
The Face Shop:

I also made these name necklaces. In short, sinasayang ko 
lang nail polish ko (nasisira din sa pag wire art). Lol. This time, while watching Friends
with Benefits on HBO! Bet ko ang soundtrack! :) And yung line
na something to do with "Just like in movies"--hehe, linya ko yun!

When I woke up today, I packed my to-ship orders, and waited for
Kuya Xend. Had a new delivery guy, sayang the best pa naman si 
original kuya assigned to us.

Meanwhile, I also had lunch at home with the parentals (today mom and
dad stayed at home). Then I had my post-lunch coffee. Kung sswertehin,
I also have sweets, this one pasalubong ni Ate from her latest trip:

Biggest chunk of my time goes to internet time! I check and reply to
emails, update my Anagon Collection Multiply and FB pages, check my personal
accounts, and of course (ano pa nga ba!) BLOG! :)

There are days din when I go online and get FB tags from my sisters,
and madalas these are of dog photos! Hahaha ang kulit lang. 
Today's dog photo came from Ate...and ang caption Baby Hachi!

 Went out of the house at around 3pm for my 4pm event in Rockwell. 
Dad drove me to the terminal, where I rode a bus to Guadalupe, 
then took a cab. When I reached the mall, saw Vern going out,
and natawa sha when she saw me! Sabi ni gurl: 
"Naghahanap ka ba ng asawa?" Trololol. 

Anyway, more kwentos on the LA SENZA supercool event on
my next post. Spent the afternoon with Sarah and Keigh!
Love the dressing room:

And of course we took home La Senza goodies! I super love
the packaging, sobrang nakakakilig. Haha! Hot pink box with bows,
lined with pink paper, and leopard print pa ang loob! Ang landi!
Kahit yung USB for the press kit ganyan ang box, smaller version! Veryvery A for Effort!
Won't "Show Off" what I got, hehehehehe. 

After the event, we strolled around while I waited for Pax's text 
for our (biglaang) dinner in Glorietta. Meanwhile, I accompanied Sarah muna as she gushes 
over her current Zara and Comfit obsession, hehe! Keigh went with us,
and Sarah was forcing her to buy her other shoes, para mabili yung
"Comfy Black Comfit Pumps", na suot ni Vern AND ni Cheyser din that day! 
Nakakatempt nadin tuloy bumili! :p

Rode a cab going to Greenbelt, and stopped over Topshop while waiting
for Pax's text. Saw a nice white dress na P1500 lang (mura for Topshop
level). I wonder if balikan ko sha! Pafit na sana ako when Pax texted me na
(not meant). We had dinner in a new Thai resto in GB5...
Napansin ko whenever I am with them, Thai food ang hilig nila!

Photo came from Pax's instagram! :) Me and my vegetarian
(spicy!) tom yum. Perfect lang at biglang umulan.

What we had: Pax and Mich also had the "regular" version of tom yum:

Mich gave me this drink, masarap parang mojito na walang alcohol! :)

My vegetarian pad thai, staple order ko pag Thai resto:

Mich and Pax's chicken satay:

It's always easy to be with Mich and Pax, 
..ang sarap pang kausap / kakwentuhan! :)
Thank you for letting me third wheel again!
Paminsan (lalo na sakin) nakakasawa narin
yung "me-time" and loner dinners. ;p Hehehe!


  1. Ang sarap basahin ng entries mo! :) Nakakatuwa! :D

    1. Hey thank you so much for reading! :) Tuloy ang kwentuhan! :)

  2. Ok, kwento mo pa sa lahat! Lol, parang kang gossip girl ng blogosphere :))

    1. HAHAHA! Wala naman censored sa kwento ko a!!! ;D Hahahaha!

  3. gustong-gusto ko lang talaga nababasa ang mga kwentos mo kapatid! keep em coming.. Namiss ko ang bohemian easy easy na porma ni Miss Anagon! :) Though you look great in this outfitey ha. love the belt. Bonggels at bet na bet!

    1. Thank you so much for reading Belle! :) Naku obsession lang tong pa donya phase ko hahaha, babalik at babalik din ako sa boho look ;)

  4. Ang ganda ng belt! :) Genius! :D

    Oh, and I love the pumps too :)

    1. Awww thank you so much Ria! :) Bet ang "Genius" comment hehehe :)

  5. The best sa pagkwento sister! haha! I love your outfit. parang may importanteng meeting lang to attend! but you look great with it! :)

    1. thank you so much sis! oo veryvery much envisioning my ceo of a fashion company, through outfitey manlang hehhe ;)

  6. yey for the belt!!! <3 love ko yan lamoyan! ganda mo ana! dress up more like this please? :)

    The Bargain Doll

  7. Ang ganda nung belt!!! Tamang tama di ko pa na-post yung black dress na suot ko nung Cotton On! Haha tamang tama tong belt na to, makapag-retake nga after ko mag-purchase from you ♥ Mehehe! Cute ng kwento mo for yesterday sis. :) Sarap ng macadamia!! ♥ Aaand parang may naalala nga rin akong blog post na welcome to my life intro. HAVEY! Hahaha!

    1. YEHEY! Veryvery thank you sis for supporting Anagon palagi!!! :)

  8. Macadamia! <3 haha!
    I love your outfit, Ms. Anagon! And the moment I saw the first picture I knew that you made the belt. :) Nice job! More power to your blog and your shop. :)



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