Winners: Manels Giveaway + Commenter of the Month

Winners of a Bloggers United Keychain and The Fashionista Commuter Passport Holder
all from MANELS are:
1) Rejj Sibayan
2) Rejille Patanao
3) Ressa Regalado

Commenter for the month of August:
Thank you so much for your positive and very
supportive comments! :)

Sent email to all the winners as to how you can claim your prize! 
To everyone: Thank you for joining and to moremore giveaways and kwentuhans!


  1. Oh no! I don't know why I didn't see this right away. I hope I can still claim this. I'll check my email. Inaabangan ko to noon a?! :( Pwede ko pa ba maclain? HEHE


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