Chef in Stilettos at Thai Bistro!

Monday, October 15, 2012

In Asian cuisines, I just love Thai food (next to Japanese!) because never siya naging boring! Since limited nadin my food selections (vegetarian me), I always go for food na masauce and bursting with flavors. Never simple, ang Thai food nga naman is never easy to describe yet creates a jumble of flavors in the mouth that is never overbearing!

Had a nice Thai dinner sa north last week with my blog friends and beauty bloggers!

Thai Bistro, located in the new Robinsons Magnolia, is a fresh Thai restaurant which promises to deliver a contemporary, refreshing and comforting take on Thai cuisine. Formerly of Simply Thai and Just Thai fame, Thai Bistro’s Chef in Stilettos Cecille Chang returns to Manila after 3 years of devoting 8 hours in her school’s kitchen... Thus the Thai Bistro was born!

With Pax and Thai Bistro's Proprietress and Chef in Stilettos Cecille Chang:

We would wake up at 6 AM, start the class at 7 AM and we don’t finish until 11 PM. By then, I am completely tired but because Thai cuisine is my most favorite thing of all, but it doesn't matter because when you’re passionate with what you do, you can do it every waking hour and feel every part of your being is fulfilled,” said Chef Cecille. What is passion nga naman!

With Paxie na bongga ang cat's eye, and Sarah:

Marj, Mother Earth, Paul, and Shen:

Passion not only for the food, but also in creating the ambiance, Chang revolved her new venture into jewel tones of dark turquoise and gold with clean lines and no-fuss furniture. I love the dim colors of this very fashionable restaurant:

I wanted a bistro style where people can truly relax, have conversation with their friends after a tiring week, where parents can bring their kids after their exams, where couples can chill to have a glass of wine before the weekend starts yet again,” the chef in stilettos mused.

Now on to the food...

We had drinks first, and sabi sakin ni Sarah I must try the iced milk tea. Sarap to after kumain ng maanghang:

Di ko sure if si Pax nag order, but I also sipped sa glass of this Lemongrass Iced Tea, na very refreshing! 
Other than these two drinks, Thai foods' best accompaniment is a glass of wine or a bottle of beer!

For soup, everyone had the Tom Yum. I think what impressed me most about this restaurant is that when our table requested for a vegetarian version of this dish, ang dali nilang mag adjust with the preference.

Notable also na more than Bangkok delicacies, Thai Bistro also serves food from different parts of the this Som Tam seafood salad of Northern Thailand, a dish of green papaya and pork flakes. Our Chef in Stilettos introduces her soft shelled crabs together with pomelos and slivers of basil in invigorating mixed salad:

Mieng Kham, interesting dish na niroroll and slightly press before eating... I tried it minus the shrimp and sobrang distinct ng taste, I think I'll go back to Thai Bistro to have this again:

Prawn Fresh Rolls:

My own version of the "Prawn Fresh Rolls", minus the prawns (lol). The sauce din was customized (walang patis). First time to try something like this. With rice noodles and veggies, ito palang busog nako! 

Chiang Mai’s pride, the Chiang Mai Khao Soi, a chicken curry dish cooked with two ways egg noodles is found as well in the soft-leather bound menu of Thai Bistro:

My forever favorite pag asa Thai resto: Pad Thai! 

Kaffir Garlic Rice, I love flavored rice:

For the meat-eaters:

They also served one of my favorite foods: Curry!

And in two different styles pa! This one naman is green curry:

Bangrak, tasty mixed veggies that goes well with the flavored rice!


For dessert, we had the Thakoo Thai --- tapioca pearls topped with coconut milk:

Pudding with interesting texture:

And this ice cream dessert:

Chef Chang enumerates the requisite 4S of Thai dishes, which can all be found in every recipe: sweet, spicy, sour and salty, not necessarily in that order. In short, a principle of balance emanates from every Thai kitchen!

Great food and great company made my first taste of Thai Bistro a treat! Always fun to be with them:
Paul, Me, Angela, Pax, Chef Cecille, Sarah, Mother Earth, Sophie, Marj, Martha, and Shen

Experience passionately crafted Thai food today at Thai Bistro today!

Visit Thai Bistro 
Ground Floor, Robinson’s Magnolia Town Center
Aurora Boulevard cor. Hemady St. Quezon City. 
11:00 am-12:00 am.


  1. Yumm, Thai food is at the top of my list of Asian cuisine :) followed closely by Chinese and Japanese food...haha, I like to eat! Looked like a fun evening :)

  2. Pwedeng mamaya na magcomment? Kain muna ako, kakagutom e! HAHA! :)

  3. Buti ka pa, May picture with Chef.. Sa akin, ayaw nya mag pa picture cuz she "looks terrible" daw.. eh mukha nga supermodel sabi ng wife ko hehehe

    Thai Bistro is definitely my favorite Thai Restaurant right now! It's so good, i went back a few weeks later with my family :)

  4. During the time I first visited Thai Bistro, I keep on ordering their own version of Beef Panang, which is a Thailand version of Beef Curry, which I must say, that during the first time I've tasted it, it’s indeed the dish that made me crazy over it!

  5. thank you for the positive review for THAI BISTRO.. so proud that i handled it..:)))


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