Day 1: FITFLOP Bloggers Field Trip!

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

This is one of the events that I really want to share na before pa, but can't seem to find the time to write my kwentos PLUS edit the super daming photos. Anyway, puyatan nalang to tell you about what happened few weekends ago (and hindi pa natatalo ang UST sa Ateneo, hehe). It was Friday night na when I learned about the Tagaytay overnight trip, so I suddenly had to give up my P850 Upper A ticket for the first game! Biglang Kaye Awatin got sick, so they were open for other bloggers... And I am super swerte na naisama! 

Meet up place was in Starbucks, old Greenbelt, where I came in first (early bird award! Haha). They made me order breakfast while waiting for the others. I had Coffee Jelly and Ratatouille:

Ako ang early bird, then Cheyser came in second... Who went to a corner in the cafe para mag blog daw, haha sipag! :)

Then the others came na, hi Tracy, Pax, Mark, and Mother Earth! Not much of a morning person, but hinahayaan lang nila ako maging weird, lol.

Check out our coaster! Yey! It's just an hour and a half ride to Tagaytay, but at least comfy ang byahe! :) And aminin... Masarap yung feeling naka "school bus" mode lang, something na hindi ko naranasan with my blogger friends! ;)

My Jansport overnight bag na mas artsy pa sa akin, hehe:

My bus seatmate, Pax! I don't think nakatulog ako sa byahe dahil moremore chika pag I'm with this girl! ;)

Sa harapan namin: Mother Earth and Mark, and that's Cheyser and Tracy!

Can you spot Tracy's feet? Hahaha! It wasn't such a long ride, o madaldal / lurks lang talaga mga kasama ko haha:

Before checking in our hotel in Sonya's Garden, we had our first stop over muna in The Boutique Bed and Breakfast, just in time for lunch!

Eto yung place na kilala for the room names na ganito:

What we had (happy fiesta! hehe) 

Cheesy shrimp dish:

 Flavored rice (my weakness)

Fish dish:

Slab of meat, they love this!

 My asparagus dish, sarap ng sauce!

 E kamusta naman si boy toothpick sa corner, hehehe:

What a delight when they offered us dessert pa! Parang hindi pa mga busog! I had the Chunky Monkey, recommended ni Tracy:

While the others had these treats (na parang ang sarap din!)

Ready na mag siesta, guys? Hehe.

Then, off to Sonya's Garden!

Ang bongga lang na may welcoming committee pa! No need na pabuhat ng things, one backpack lang ako e hehe:

They offered us drinks:

Then Primer Group welcomed us! Ang goal daw ng event: Chumill lang! Just like their comfy new Fitflop designs!

Favorite part: When we checked out our rooms!


Hello sala set, and Pax na gusto tumambling:

Carpeted area na may books and throw pillows, the place for chitchats haha:

May two CR sa room namin! The small banyo, na "banyo ng bayan":

And MY banyo, haha, dahil afraidy sila gamitin to--mashadong malaki and creepy daw!

Ang laki nga naman:

And yup part parin to ng "big banyo", haha may sofa talaga:

Now, the beds! Mine... na tinatawag din nilang the "European" area, dahil sa headboard and paintings:

Cheyser's oriental nook, na may Chinese cabinet pa sa tabi! Very boho lang like Cheys haha:

Pax and Tracy's Pinoy style area, dahil sa capiz windows:

 And Mother Earth's very secluded (hello dividers!) Vietnamese corner: 

Panalo din na every bed may Fitflop pair na nag aantay for everyone! :) Mine's the black patent design from their new DUE collection! Wedges na ballet flats ang look:

Rested for a few minutes (while updating myself via Twitter sa UST-ADMU game, haha), before they called us na for the massage! :)

Visual treat lang nung nag walk na kami going to Sonya's Spa:

Fat doggies! Ang cucute ang tataba!!! :D

We were given several options para sa chill event nato, and I picked the full body massage para sulit na sulit talaga!
I super love this part of the itinerary! The whole time alam kong sulit na sulit na pag punta ko dito, great getaway from Manila's stress and even pollution! 

Best tea ever post massage, thanks Ate Julie!

After the spa session, we had more time to petiks and just chill. Saw Pax na hirap na hirap sa signal, hehehe. Break din pala to sa phone calls and texts! ;D

I love having Cheyser around! Hindi ko sha mashado nakakasama pag events, but through this trip, I got to know her crazy side too!

While Pax and Tracy were busy with their chikas and their phones, Cheyser and I checked out the optional pasta cooking session. Sayang when we got there luto na sha! Haha!

At least umabot kami sa free taste! ANG SARAP!

More chill time in our room, na inabutan namin ang sunset:

Then nag ayos na kami around 6pm, for dinner and Fitflop's short presentation: 

Expected na malamok, Pax brought this smiley stickers na insect repellent daw. Ang cute naman so I wore it as parang-Koreana-ako accessory, hehe:

I love listening to the program's host! Super enjoyed learning more about Fitflop, lakas makaconvince! Haha!

We were serendaded by Tatay while dinner was being served. I love the old Pinoy songs he played, perfect pa ng place para mafall in love (cheesy amf).

 Best dinner ever! What we had:
((Unlimited) Breads with assorted spreads and whathaveyous... 

Best salad EVER!!! I tried all sorts of combination na (I think naka 4 or 5 servings ako nito, di ko na nabilang haha!)... I even tried the edible flowers! ;p

Pasta with all sorts of sauce and sahog you can think of:

And then a slice of chocolate cake with pandan tea to cap the (best) meal (ever).

More about the new Fitflop Caffeine for Your Feet campaign HERE.

 Tracy operating the small TV... Yesss techie!

We also had a cool Personality Development talk. Sobrang cool ng speaker, to the point na sabi ni Tracy sana sha nalang mom nya hahaha! 

Nakakatawa na during the talk, since outdoors and malapit pa kami sa halamanan, may umuchuserang giant hybrid insect na parang kami ni Pax pa talaga ang napiling target (kami pa naman pinaka takot! Haha!). Para shang 3 inches na ipis na bumblebee crossbreed, e takot pa naman ako sa creepy crawlies kaya benta lang yung eksena namin ni Pax, best in tili! ;p

Group pic!

Lovely place na nga sa umaga, ang romantic lalo at night, sigh.

We were in our rooms na, ranting na bat bawal alcoholic drinks sa Sonya's (acting like high school kids, I know, haha!)... When Mother Earth asked the organizers if it's ok to go out! Of course they said yes! :)

Ended our night in Tagaytay with bottles of beer, and napakaraming kwentuhan. In fact, nag extend pa ang chikahan when the four of us reached our rooms (si Mother natulog na!)... We stayed up till 4am dahil sa napakahabang girl talk! Parang high school slumber party all over again! :)

Love these girls so much! Day 2 kwentos on next post. :)

Thank you FitFlop Philippines!
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  1. Aww. Ang saya naman! Ganda talaga forever sa Tagaytay! And with good place to stay, good company and good food -- it became even more perfect!


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