Keane in Manila!

Thursday, October 04, 2012

Finally!!! YEY! Another concert experience! 

Thank you sooo much Niche for the Lower Box tickets! Andun din sila Paul, Sarah, and Papa D, but hiwahiwalay kami ng seats though I was with my concert-buddy-forever Krissy! Super swerte din na asa area namin bigla were my St. Scho friends! Tabi-tabi na kami! Ang gulo nila, thus the side comments sa vid hahaha. Laughtrip nung pagkatapos ng Everybody's Changing, sumigaw uli si Marj "Everybody's Changing...Acoustic version!" Hahahaha!

Sorry sa super daming sigawan sa video. And sorry sa nakakahilong shots, kasi sinabay ko yung talon and fist pumps ko sa pag take ng vid! But checkout the panalong lightings!!!

I think I know na what made the concert memorable, na kahit 2 songs lang talaga alam ko (though both my anthems), I loosened up and danced and laughed the night away with people I superduper missed. Benta sakin kasi rumor na 23 songs daw ang ipeplay, sabi nila Marj, "Ano yun 21 songs!??" Hahahaha! And nung nag "MORE!" na na part, sabi ni Ysa, "Kung maka more, sige pano kung tanungin kayo ano pang gusto nyong song nila!?" Lolling!!!

And syempre, iba talaga ang effect ng Somewhere Only We Know. Maraming gagamit ng line from this song as blog title or pang tweet (cliche kids like meee! haha!), but wala e, I guess marami sa ka-age group ko are just tired na from all the waiting. At least we know we are not alone all along in this sad lonely crowded world. Sabi nga nila, can we be alone, together? Naknamp. 
Thank you Keane for this song!

Watch the summary of my Keane Concert Experience (photos by end of vid)

Oh simple thing, where have you gone?I'm getting old and I need something to rely onSo tell me when you're gonna let me inI'm getting tired and I need somewhere to begin


  1. balik nanaman hangover ko! hahaha EPIC!

    1. PAPA D!!!??? :D Hahahaha yes super EPIC NIGHT!!! More more more concerts a! :D

    2. May hangover sila kasi 5am na sila umuwi hahaha :D
      Thanks again for letting me sleep over, Dennis and Madam Sarah! :)

  2. Nakakainggit! I love listening to Keane!


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